Weird Weather and Insects: How your Kids Can Enjoy Some Safe Summer Fun

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Kids love the summer! In that time, moms and dads arrange for kids to enjoy activities, be monitored, and stay healthy. Aside from the sun’s rays, protective parents research the weather, insects, and other summertime hazards. Be prepared for weird weather, insects, and the worst summer can throw at you so the kids stay safe all season.

Water Hazards

Drowning occurs suddenly and without much accompanying sound. Parents help prevent catastrophe by staying off smartphones when chaperoning kids; being aware of their own CPR skills (as well as the knowledge of those around them); and, putting a guard up to protect children from at-home above and in-ground pools.

Pesky Bugs

At best, they are buzzing around your face, and, at worst, particular bugs can bite, inspire itching, or inflict kids with Lyme disease. Spray kids’ skin and clothing with bug repellent. Try using clip-on pads if your kids don’t like the spray smell. Teach kids to check themselves and one another for ticks. Check shoelaces, socks, shorts, t-shirts, hair, and hats.

Water Needs

Just as the summer poses water hazards, considering the strength of the sun and activity level of children, water is a necessity as well. Kids need to stay hydrated. If they’re feeling thirsty, it means they waited too long to take a drink. Also, kids and adults may feel pangs of hunger, but they’re actually dehydrated.

Sun Block

It’s necessary to use sunblock when spending time outdoors, not just at the beach. Moreover, some skin types are prone to burning in the sun. That means reapplying throughout the day to ensure the skin’s safety. Furthermore, teach kids to cover up by late afternoon when spending days in the sun, put a hat on to shield the face, and use a light long sleeve shirt. Sunblock is still needed on cloudy days, too. Kids can help prepare for the day’s weather. Click here to download a kid-friendly weather app.

Secured Helmet

Kids spend more time outdoors doing activities in the summer months. Be sure that all bike riders, skateboarders, and scooter riders are wearing appropriate helmets. The helmet should be approved by a certified source and properly fit the child’s head. Some kids are impressionable and are more likely to wear a helmet when seeing their parents do the same.

Safe Pets

In the summer, kids may pitch in and help mom and dad take care of family pets. Pets are in need of special attention in the summer, for their heavy coats can make them overheated. For example, teach kids never to leave pets waiting in the sun or in a hot car. Moreover, be sure that pets get plenty of water throughout the day.

Lost Protocol

A kid can lose sight of their parents in seconds. Most parents teach their kids to stay close but don’t go over what should happen when the child gets lost. Some parents feel their child is mature enough to handle a smartphone. Otherwise, you could fit your child with a honing device to use in tandem with your own smartphone.

How are you staying safe this summer?

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Babysitting Tricks: How to Keep the Kids Busy and Happy

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So you have been tasked with taking care of your friend’s children, but you are dreading that you won’t have enough fun and games to keep them busy while you’re there. What you need are a few creative ideas that will keep those kids happy! After all, the last thing that you want kids to say is that they are bored. Luckily, we have compiled a few tips below for how you can entertain any children you are babysitting.

Outdoor adventures

If it’s the right time of year, playing outside is a great idea. Some games you can play outside are softball, soccer, tag, hide and seek, and basketball. If you have the parents’ permission, you could even take the children to a local playground. Otherwise, you can stick to the backyard or front yard. And children are incredibly imaginative, so just agreeing to play outside will likely open up a world of possibilities for them. Another great part about playing outside? It will keep the children active and hopefully ensure that they fall asleep by bedtime!

Coloring books

On the other hand, if the kids are staying inside, you can get their creativity flowing with a coloring book. With smartphones and tablets, you don’t need to worry about messy books and crayons ending up getting scrawled on the walls. You can download coloring book apps on Google Play that are fun for kids and adults and that are cheaper and certainly cleaner than ‘real’ coloring books. A coloring book app is likely to have dozens more designs than you would find in an actual book.

Board games

Board games are another great idea for doing something fun together as a group. Board games work especially great if you are babysitting more than one child and need something to keep them occupied all at once. Of course, other games are suitable for just two players, such as checkers or chess, in case you are babysitting just one child. While many families will have their own board games, it is always a good idea to bring over your own just in case.


Children love to feel like they are helping with grown-up activities, especially in the kitchen. Cooking a meal or snack together is a lot of fun and allows children to unleash their inner chefs. Be sure to allow them to participate in stages of the cooking process so long as it is safe for them. And making simple meals feel silly—like pretending that those spaghetti noodles are worms—is bound to provide lots of delight. Cooking with children can also present a great opportunity to teach them about nutrition and how to stay healthy.

Babysitting can be loads of fun as long as you come prepared with creative ideas about how to keep the children occupied. The above suggestions will ensure that the next time a friend, neighbor, or relative asks you to babysit you will have the tools you need to make sure your babysitting time is remembered as a fun and delightful one!

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Six Versatile (Uncommon but Worthwhile) Gifts for a Budgeted Mother

~Article contributed by Amanda G.


Pregnancy comes with it a great deal of excitement and a twinge of realization about finances. After all, there’s going to be a new person in the household, which means the normal lifestyle and expenses need to be shifted to accommodate. The last thing an expecting mother wants to deal with are the little things since so many bigger decisions need to be made.

A baby shower or one of the early birthdays

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My list of must-haves for new babies

You guys, I’m on baby number three. If I thought our house was loud or life was busy before… now I’d describe is as simply chaotic! When this baby joined us last summer, I asked friends for tips and I quickly got things organized so life with three kids could continue more smoothly (and with less stress, haha). We got hanging organizers for the closets to put out sets of clothing, hooks for backpacks and totes, cubes for shoes, and more handy tricks.

Through the years, I’ve also learned to rely on

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National Breastfeeding Month!

Nearly five years ago, on August 6, 2011, the month of August was officially declared National Breastfeeding Month by the USBC (United States Breastfeeding Committee). In fact, the first full week of August is recognized across the World as World Breastfeeding Week. To celebrate these wonderful movements that further breastfeeding awareness, I would like to share some wonderful products with you that help make breastfeeding a breeze!

First up, Milkies Milk-Saver! One of the big fears for breastfeeding mamas

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Effective Deterrents to Drug Use in Teens

Submitted by Amanda G.

As a parent, one of your hardest jobs is going to be keeping your kids away from drugs and alcohol. This is the tightest tightrope you will ever walk; yes, even more fraught than talking to your kids about sexual activity. Why? Because the peer pressure surrounding drug use is often far more heavy than the pressure to engage in sexual activity.

At first blush that feels extreme, right? Surely the pressure is heavier than joining in on drinking or drug use? But as anybody who has ever been a

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What is a Genetic Counselor?

Article contributed by Amanda G.

If you are thinking of having a baby, or if you have already received the wonderful news of your pregnancy, you will most likely be doing some research on how to maintain a healthy pregnancy. You may have questions regarding your health and the health of your baby throughout the pregnancy.

Genetic counselors work with you to answer these questions and can also help you through decisions such as whether or not you should receive prenatal testing based

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