4 Ways to Keep Museum Visits Fun

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Taking kids to the museum can be challenging. How often do you hear them ask when they’re going home, state that this is boring, or ask why they have to be here? Once you hear that, you know that they’re no longer having fun and are completely disconnected from what you’re doing.

However, we want kids to be engaged with museums because they offer so much to people of all ages. You have the chance to see paintings and artifacts that are hundreds and thousands of years old up close. Plus, you get to learn more about history in a way that’s outside a classroom or a book.

So, for your next museum trip, here are four ways to help keep your children engaged and make the trip fun!

Watch a Related Movie First

You can find a movie about almost anything nowadays, including artifacts and other items in a museum. Depending on which museum you’re going to and what exhibit you’re visiting, find a movie that explains the history behind it.

You’ll find that not only will your kids learn more about the exhibit and have a better understanding when they get there, but it also keeps them more engaged. It gives them a sense of “being there” as they walk through the exhibit and relate it back to the movie.

Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a fun way to keep children entertained and secretly learn something at the same time. You can plan your own mini scavenger hunt before you go to the museum or even see if the museum itself has scavenger hunts made for children.

Have clues planned out that match with the exhibit you’re visiting. Your kids then have to decipher the clues to lead them to the next painting or artifact to view. It helps make things more exciting as they successfully lead you through the museum with each clue they answer.

Let Them Be the Leader

Instead of taking your child throughout the museum, let your child lead you. When they’re in charge, it not only gives them a sense of responsibility, it also can be a lot of fun for them (especially when they’re in charge of their parent).

Give them a map of the museum and circle the exhibits you both want to visit. Then, let him or her guide you around. Of course, if he or she gets stuck, you’ll want to help out a bit.

Play a Game

When we say play a game, we don’t mean something that involves children running around and screaming. Instead, play a game that gets your child to interact with the exhibit. You could have your child pose and mimic the artifact or painting and snap a photo (ensure the museum allows photos ahead of time).

You can also play “I Spy,” or “20 Questions.” Have something in mind around the museum and get your children to guess what you’re thinking of by asking questions. Once they have an idea, have them lead you over to their answer.

Keep museums fun and engaging for children by incorporating ideas that they’ll love. Using quite games that are respectful or the museum will help prevent them from becoming bored and wanting to go home right away.

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7 Family Activities for Valentine’s Day

valentine's day treatsPhoto by Joshua Hoehne 

When it comes to unofficial holidays, Valentine’s Day is regarded as one of the most anticipated days for lovers, married couples, and even families. It is a day of love, particularly of the romantic kind.

While the holiday is massively commercialized, you can’t help but think that it’s only for people with partners, right? Well, it depends on anyone, but all forms of love, like the one between parent and children, can also be celebrated.

In fact, more and more families are going toward the tradition of celebrating the day of love together. For married couples, it may mean chocolates, wine, personalized gifts, and romantic scenery. If you already have children, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have this as well. However, there is a way to involve your children, and if you’re looking for ideas, take a look below.

Movie Marathon

The start of the year can be really hard on the pockets especially if you’ve gone all the way to make your New Year’s event as festive as possible. You can celebrate Valentine’s Day without spending too much. Marathoning movies at home is a great way to spend time with your family.

There are plenty of movies to choose from that are family-friendly and age-appropriate for kids of all ages. Here are some examples. You can prepare finger dishes and other types of food you can eat in front of the screen. If you’re too lazy to cook, you can always order your favorite takeout and top it up with desserts.

Make Personalized Valentine’s Meals

If your kids are old enough to help you out in the kitchen, making Valentine’s-themed food is a great way to bond and celebrate. There are plenty of love-themed food recipes out there, and creativity should be encouraged. Prepare ingredients and adornments to make your meals more stylish and memorable.

You can go spend the whole day making these types of foods. For example, heart-shaped pancakes make a good breakfast activity. Lunch can be served with a love note. Dinner can be stylized in the shape of hearts and more. Or you can also go for sweets designed to make your kids happy.

Do a Family Photoshoot

Your children’s childhood is fleeting, and in one moment, you may realize that they grew up too fast. It’s always a good idea to take a lot of pictures of them, but it’s even better to take it with them. While doing a family photo shoot on Valentine’s Day may not be anyone’s idea of normally celebrating it, you can use it as a theme.

Save the physical snaps in a photo album, or share it with your loved ones and friends as personalized greeting cards. If you haven’t sent holiday cards for Christmas and New Year’s, you can definitely send these instead. Send your love with adorable pictures of your family.

Celebrate with a Local Nursing Home

Empathy and kindness are essential traits for individual growth, and it is important for children to know these early in their lives. No one deserves love better than the old folks at the nursing home do. Celebrate the special day with the residents, and have your kids make paper crafts like cards and flowers to pass around. You can even make treats for everyone.

Have a Game Night

Although game nights should be a regular occurrence to any home, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have one on Valentine’s Day or night. When money’s too tight for you to go out for a special meal, celebrate at home instead to save money. Instead of using board games or others on your regular game night, make new ones instead to fit the theme.

There are simple DIY Valentine’s Day games that you can easily make. You will need craft supplies to make some games, but other than that, you can expect minimum expenditure. Take a look at this list for some great DIY family games.

Scour Local Free Exhibits

Even if you don’t have the means to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your children as extravagantly as you want to, there’s no reason you should just stay at home. You can take advantage of museums and even interactive exhibits for free entrance. Scour the internet for local ones that are in your area.

If you’re dreading spending for meals, you can prep and make them in advance for you to bring. Not only does this save you a lot of money, but you’re also making sure that everyone is eating healthily. You can go to local parks where you can have a little picnic with the food you brought.

Express Love and Gratitude

Words of love are free and they are often the most impactful. Valentine’s Day is a day as good as any to express your love and gratitude for your partner and children. Make it a habit to express your love for them especially when they need it most. If you can, tell them every day. Words of affection added with actions that convey your appreciation can make any person’s day a little brighter.

Be Creative

There are a lot of ways you can spend the love day with your family. You don’t have to spend a lot either. You can bond with them at home or through a meal, but if you want to make the special day more memorable, you can come up with creative solutions to make it more fun for everyone.

How do you usually spend Valentine’s Day with your family? Share your thoughts below.

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