Breakfast for Dinner, FTW! 14 recipes

I looooove breakfast foods, but I am sooooo not a morning person. I’m lucky to just get my cup of coffee made and throw some cereal at the children.

So? BREAKFAST FOR DINNER. And I don’t mean cereal (but… sometimes…). I love eggs, all kinds, and hashbrowns and BACON and cheese and sausage and yummm. When you have the time to cook dinner, you can make some pretty amazing breakfast creations.

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I made my Breakfast for Dinner collection over at Check it out and my other deliciously appetizing boards!

What’s your favorite breakfast for dinner recipe?

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How your kids can EARN screen time

Last month I shared a new website my kids and I love called Animal Jam. Not only does it have an awesome online “playground,” but they offer a LOT of amazing free resources… printables with coloring pages and connect-the-dots, science experiments, crafts, educational sheets on animals, and more. Endless hours of fun (and learning)!

Last month we painted rocks from our yard to look like ladybugs, while we chatted about them and other insects. This month has been very busy with Ryan starting preschool, but he loves to sit at my laptop and play on the Animal Jam website. Especially after coming home from a busy day at school, it’s something he does to rest a bit.

earn screen time

Do you manage your child’s screen time? We love Animal Jam and how educational it is, but felt Ryan still needed to limit his time on the screen. I’m all about the positives and instead of “taking away,” I wanted to “give” the screen time and allow Ryan to earn it. Then it’s extra special to him AND it helps determine how much the screen time really means to him, because he has to work for it ;)

“How to earn screen time” free printable

earn screen timefree printable: CLICK to open the full size & right-click to download

It’s really easy to earn screen time with typical toddler chores around your home. I used our common chores, tried to name them more open-ended for everyone to use, and made it into a FREE printable for you. I left the minutes area blank so you can determine what works for YOU. There are checkboxes because it’s half the fun for your kid to mark off their accomplishments!

If you choose to use my printable, chat with your child about what each of these will mean for you. “Pick up toys” could just mean clean their bedroom or it could mean anywhere in the house they’ve left out toys. “Set and/or clear the table?” Circle the “and” or the one task you’d like them to complete. “Use manners” could mean playing nicely with siblings, helping out mom during cooking, or remembering to use “please” and “thank you.” You get the point–make this work for you.

animal jam online game

The Animal Jam interactive playground is awesome. I WANT Ryan to earn his screen time because I love watching and listening to him play. Your kids will get to go through the whole process of choosing their animal and naming it. We’ve created 2 accounts because Ryan has wanted two different animals (or, probably more likely, two different funny names, haha).

animal jam interactive online game

There’s Explorer Kookybear! Ryan thinks it’s COOKIE Bear ;) You can see all the other online players, too! Ryan’s other player is Pioneer Zanypirate (the Monkey).

And if Ryan doesn’t earn enough screen time to play Animal Jam as long as he wants? We head to their other awesome resources. Check their Pinterest page for boards FULL of free printables and the Animal Jam Academy for more ideas. These are also great for Ryan’s little 2-year-old sister that can’t play the online playground… she can stay busy coloring the pages of animals she sees on Ryan’s screen!

Animal Jam logo

free printable to earn screen time

Written in partnership with Animal Jam. Any opinions are my own!




Our upstairs playroom & the everywhere playMAT

What room in our home isn’t a playroom… right?! We’ve done our best since moving in here just over a year ago to separate the kids’ space from our space, but it doesn’t always work. Toys have a way of migrating. Everywhere.

We have an extra bedroom upstairs and when we moved in, that’s what we used it for… a full-sized bed, an empty closet, and… a room that never got used.

We decided to make it a playroom: somewhere for the kids to

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Upscale resale: get the look for less

When I was little and my mom DRAGGED me shopping, she’d always tell me the day would come that I would LOVE to shop. Nope, never, I pouted.


Obviously I now love to shop (too much) and even more so for my two little ones! I always look in their departments first or update their wardrobes before my own. It’s all too cute! And there will come a day when they won’t let me dress them anymore

Kids grow out of sizes

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Effortless Meals for Moms

~Written in partnership with Coca-Cola. Any opinions are my own.

In the summertime we like to be outside—going for walks, playing at the park, or running through the sprinkler in the backyard. During the school year, I play Taxi and feel like I might as well live in my car. No matter the season, life is busy, right? MOMS are busy.

But every night there has to be dinner on the table… I HATE cooking. I thank my mom for that trait but unfortunately

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Breastfeeding Awareness Month: there’s an app for that

Most of you already know I’m a huge breastfeeding advocate, having nursed our son until he was almost 4 and our daughter until almost 2. I believe that breastfeeding success is largely about SUPPORT so when I discovered an IBCLC that created a helpful breastfeeding app, I had to check it out.

I mean, what else are we doing when we’re up nursing 5 times in the middle of the night? I guess I don’t know about you, but I

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Sensational Memories of Summer

Five hours in the car with my brother… were we fighting or playing games? I can’t even remember that part of it. We probably sat mostly in silence, headphones on our ears, mine blasting some Aerosmith.

We finally get out and stretch. The air is clean and crisp with the deep scent of pine. My dad opens up the cabin and my brother and I run from room to room, throwing our stuff–just like home! A trip to the local grocery

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