One Year Anniversary

Finally, I’m uploading old pictures. My parents gave us a new camera for our anniversary because my old one has a broken screen.

Our one-year anniversary was May 17 and we were home in Rockford. It was also my grandpa’s birthday so we celebrated with family.

Em & Grandpa

That night, Steve picked me up and took me out for dinner at Lino’s–where we had our first date over 6 years ago! We ordered wayyyy too much food (blame it on the baby) and it was soo goood!

Em & Steve
Then we came home for our wedding cake that has been in the freezer for a year. No, it wasn’t good, haha. You can clearly see Steve and I both leaning backwards like- “you better not actually put that piece of cake in my mouth!” So the pictures are fakes 🙂

cake3 cake4

We had plans to do something outdoorsy in Ames for our anniversary, but family things had us in Rockford for the weekend instead. SO… yesterday (Sunday) we went on a canoeing trip down the Des Moines River. It was beautiful outside and we had so much fun!

em Steve

We even saw two bald eagles–a male and female sitting by their nest! Very cool.

DSC00157 DSC00162

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