Something Fun!

Thanks so much to everyone who commented here, FB, twitter, etc. and made me feel much better!! I almost feel silly now for worrying about it, but I truly blame my doctor who lectured me into feeling like a terrible mother. Glad I’m getting a new doctor in a couple weeks.. for the ultrasound! YAY!

Anyway, I feel like I’ve been doing too much complaining lately so I thought I’d post about fun things. Honestly, being pregnant is (so far) a lot more work and pain than I ever thought it could be, but it’s also more amazing than I thought it would be. We are extremely excited to meet this little Dickey and I am really enjoying every part of pregnancy (even when it makes me cry over the next commercial or in middle of my speech at Joanna’s wedding 😉 ).

Joanna’s bachelorette party! I had a lot of fun, even if I was sans alcohol. As I’ve said before, this baby is a constant thought–every second of every day. But for the first time I think, at Jo’s party, I was actually able to forget and feel “normal” again (for 5 seconds at a time) and I think that is what I’ll really remember it for.. as “that moment.” Thanks Jo 🙂

We went shopping in downtown Chicago, had a hosted “Passion Party”, took pole dancing lessons, went out for a nice dinner and had a limo for 5 hours to take us bar hopping.

Joanna’s wedding! The rehearsal was Friday night at Giovanni’s (followed by a post-party at Clocktower) and the wedding was on Saturday–everything was beautiful!! The wedding was perfect and tons of fun!

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