I got a push present!

I’m sure most of you are wondering what the heck a “push present” is. I had never heard of it until FutureMama started talking about it on twitter. So I read her blog post, The Push Present, and it introduced me to this wonderful idea. I passed on the info to my hubby in an email (being that he was living in a different state at the time). I was half joking (half serious) about wanting one, but I also told the hubby that if I got a push present, he deserved one too…. for putting up with the crazy, pushing preggo lady!!

Anyway.. straight from FutureMama’s blog, Baby Makin(g) Machine, here is the low down on the Push Present:

“…like it sounds, it’s a present from the expectant father. A thank-you gift your husband will give to you while “pushing” through labor… A motivational gift I guess you could say. Traditionally it’s jewelry and it’s given to a new mother before, during or right after delivering her new baby.”

It’s a fairly new idea in the US, I guess, but in England it’s traditionally a diamond ring and in India it’s gold.

The hubby never responded to my email, I figured it was a lost cause– and anyway, not really necessary. I mean, isn’t the new baby the gift?! (But who doesn’t love presents?!)

Last night I got a huge SURPRISE!
Steve gave me a basket filled with goodies. A sweet card that made me cry… LOTS of chocolate, including cookies, Godiva and other fancy stuff (yummmm)… beautiful flowers (that smell oh so good)… a “mother’s love” ring… AND a morning at the spa for today! AHH!!!

How did I get so lucky???! And soo spoiled πŸ™‚

The flowers

push flowers

The ring, “Mother’s Love”… it looks like (well yea, a heart), but also a mother cuddled up with the baby. Steve got it engraved with “Our First, 2009” Β He tried to be funny when I opened it and said they messed up, it was supposed to say “Our Only” haha.

mother's love

This morning he got up and made me breakfast before I left for the spa.

The spa… ohhh myyyy goddddd. Incredible. I was there for about 3 hours and it was heavenly.
Prenatal Massage: I laid on my side and she focused on my back, mainly the left side because I told her I’ve had a knot down the entire side that keeps me awake at night. Then I rolled onto my back (it was elevated for comfort) and she did my head, neck and shoulders. It was fantastic and flew by like it was 5 minutes long.. maybe I fell asleep, lol.

Facial: I’ve never had one before and had no idea what to expect. At first it was awkward to have someone’s hands on my face, but that only lasted about 2 seconds. It felt great. There were a few products she couldn’t use due to the pregnancy, but seemed to make up for it with other things. The hot towel on the face was the best part. Second best? The arm and hand massage–my whole body was tingling!! I’ll definitely do that again.

Pedicure & Manicure: Always wonderful. Foot massages are the best–and they had massage chairs to sit in too. My mom met me there for this part so I had someone to chat with. It was her first time getting a manicure!

push mani pedi

Can I go again next weekend!??! I’m completely spoiled now.

So.. isn’t the Push Present supposed to come during labor when you’re pushing??? The hubby was way too excited about the gift to wait that long! And I’m glad he couldn’t wait πŸ™‚ He did tell me though that I will get a Push Present (Part II) at the time of baby’s arrival. Again, he was too excited about it to keep it a secret, haha… it’s the Mother’s Love Christmas ornament!! Lil babe is due Dec. 18th, just in time for Christmas, so the ornament will be perfect timing and will be engraved with his name and birthday. Awww! Love it! Love the hubby!!


Thanks, Future Mama πŸ™‚ and a huge thanks to the best dad-to-be ever, Steve!!! Everything is beautiful and the spa was heavenly! (You are now free to watch football πŸ™‚ )

Ok now for the funny part of the story… Steve has been mortified by the fact that most pregnant women poop on the table during delivery. Hahaha. So instead of calling this a “Push Present” ….. he called it the “Poop Present.” Oh, isn’t he a funny guy?

I do really think the expectant father should get a gift out of this too.. why am I the only lucky one?? Help me come up with a name for it! Putting up with Preggo? Dad Donation?

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