Pregnancy Week 35

Alright, I’m not full-term yet, but I’ve reached the point where my doctor won’t do anything to stop labor if it happens. Of course I’d love to make it to my due date, but it takes off some pressure knowing I don’t have to catch labor right away so we can try and prevent it…. if it happens, it happens!

35 days left until our due date!! Ahh! 88% of the way through.

The Baby:

*Around 5-6 pounds, 18-20 inches in length
*Most of his basic physical development is complete… he’ll spend the next few weights adding weight!
*Baby has dropped = more pressure on my bladder
*He’s running out of room in there so I’ll feel less tossing and turning, but still some good and healthy kicks and punched (oh yes.)
*He’s the size of a small roasting chicken! What a nice thought :/
*Survival rate = 99%. Of those, only 8% have serious complications

The Mom:

week 35 me*Uterus now reaches up to my rib cage (1,000 times the size of normal)
*No sign of a mucous plug yet! It will come out as the cervix dilates.
*Most common symptoms: hip pain, frequent urination, cramp-like contractions, restless leg, strong baby punches to the cervix (ouch!), heavy belly that aches when I move/stand (stretching ligaments)
*No stretch marks
*Swelling: my feet after standing too long… and my fingers. One ring is off for good (my “mother’s love” push present ring!) and I can’t get my wedding rings off for the life of me–but they aren’t bothering me.

More about my “modified bed rest” and what I’m allowed: no working, no lifting, try not to drive other than short trips. Avoid the stairs (yes, I learned this one at the theater!), avoid long walks. Don’t have to be horizontal all day, I can sit on the couch for part. I can stand and walk around to make food, take a shower, etc.

I try to stick pretty close to that. Now that I’m not working, I never drive. I take the building elevator. The couch is my best friend. But I have been up and unpacking (when I feel able). I rest when I feel I need to–and I get tired VERY easily… not sleepy tired, but body weak tired.

The baby has definitely dropped. I read that labor typically comes about 2-3 weeks after that (when it’s your first baby). It’s so weird to feel him move around down there, below the belly, by my cervix. A twitter friend is due Dec. 17th and is also having signs of early labor… we’ve both decided the first week in December would be a good time 🙂 I’m going with December 3rd! Steve picked November 28th.

Tonight: Date night with the hubby! Our favorite restaurant for FONDUE!
Wednesday: Register at hospital
Thursday: Meet with a pediatrician
Friday: Doctor appointment (group B strep test)
Friday night: baby shower!

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