Push Present for the Husband!

Back in August, Steve gave me an early push present. I get part 2 when it actually comes time to push… the mother’s love ornament engraved with our son’s name 🙂

I know pushing is a lot of work (the reason behind the push present), but I thought the husband deserved something too… for comforting preggo!

The other night I gave Steve his “push present.”

A “manly” diaper bag. No, I haven’t even bought a bag for myself! So I consider this a sacrifice, haha. It looks like a normal messenger bag so I like that he’ll be able to use it for other things too. (Find it on Amazon: DadGear Courier Diaper Bag)

I filled it with some baby things (some new, some we already had)… onesies that say “Daddy loves me” and “Daddy’s little caddy.” Some basics… diapers, wipes, blanket, burp cloth…

and some fun stuff like this Vikings baby bottle:

An “on-the-go” mini diaper/wipes case that he can grab from the bag to use in a public restroom or something instead of lugging the whole diaper bag.

A “Daddy” shirt from Daddy Scrubs. It came with some stickers and the back of it says “I’m the Daddy”–he’s going to wear it at the hospital during labor 🙂

An awesome “go-to guide for guys” book by Todd Barrett Lieman called “ABCs for Expectant Dads: The Ultimate A-Z Resource for Dads-in-Training.” Look for a review and giveaway post on this tomorrow, it’s a great book!

What did Steve think of all of it? I may have been more excited than him, haha, but he liked all of it–he’ll definitely use the diaper bag, which was my goal when trying to pick one out! By the way, thanks to Smonk You and his post on diaper bags for helping me pick that bag!

I think Steve is finally feeling prepared. Whenever someone would ask him how things were going or what he thought of soon being a dad, he’d say something along the lines of “I’m terrified.” Now he says, “I’m ready” — he better be, because it’s coming soon! 🙂

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