Baby Shower #1

I’m way behind on posting these… and on sending out the thank you cards (sorry!!) My first shower was thrown by my mom with help from my MIL and great friend Joanna. I was 32 weeks along and the shower was mainly for my side of the family.

DSC00466 DSC00500 

Everyone had to guess how big my belly was by cutting a length of ribbon… most people thought I was HUGE! haha. But Jan (mom of one of my childhood best friends) got the measurement EXACTLY! She had taken her time cutting the right length too and everyone was making fun of her, but it paid off! It was pretty funny.

We did a charades game where my mom had bought 4 gifts for me that each started with a letter to spell out BABY. She handed them to unlucky volunteers who had to try to act out the gift for me to guess.
B: bib
A: activity blocks
B: hm, I can’t remember. A book?
Y: “yellow” (was a book of colors)

And finally, we did a little pregnancy quiz and guess who won? The ONE girl in the room who has never been pregnant/raised a baby. Haha—I think that means she’s ready! 😉

This stroller (with a matching infant car seat) is from my mom and grandma. The adorable monkey filling in for baby was a gift from my Aunt. She also gave us a boppy with a handmade monkey cover:

We got a baby bathtub, cute overalls, an awesome basket FULL of necessities and fun stuff—including this melody bear that attaches to the crib and plays music or heartbeat sounds:


Cute baby clothes, some receiving blankets, bibs, our diaper changing pad and cover, a convertible car seat from MIL (the air safety one!), a Target gift card, our pack n’ play:

Our baby monitors:

Some cute blankets:


Our crib mobile:

And lots more fun stuff! I apologize if I left your gift out, I’m trying to do this from memory 🙂

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