Going into labor

I’d say slight contractions started the night of Christmas Eve. Of course, I’d been having contractions for the past 2 months so when I say “slight contractions started,” I mean different contractions… stronger contractions, just enough to make me uncomfortable. And just enough to make us all sure I’d be at the hospital on Christmas day.

Christmas baby? Nope. Steve and I spent the entire day at home because my contractions were stronger and I was super uncomfortable. But they never progressed into something closer, stronger, longer. That night… they got worse and quite painful. We both tried to get some sleep around midnight. I woke up at 2:30am from the contractions, which were about 4 minutes apart and I couldn’t talk or walk through them. So I woke up Steve and we got ready to go. Maybe it was too early, but after being in early labor for an entire day, I was probably just wishing it was time to go so much that I told myself it was time to go.

So how did we start labor?? There are so many ways to attempt inducing labor on your own and I had made a list:
How to Induce Labor Naturally

Honestly, I think it was just time and we didn’t do anything that actually worked. We may have done things, however, to help push it along AFTER it had started.

Christmas Eve:
*I started taking Evening Primrose Oil (orally and topically)
*Steve’s brother yelled at my belly, telling the baby to come out (this is probably what did it! lol)
*Sex (using evening primrose oil)
*Nipple stimulation (warm pad)

Christmas Day:
*Continued the evening primrose oil orally and topically
*Relaxation–slept on the couch a LOT, took a couple warm showers
*Nipple stimulation (warm pad)
*Massage (we used a DVD: how to massage your pregnant partner–and fyi, the “pelvic rock” made ctx pain less, but only for awhile)

Anyway… Steve called the OB on call, who replied “is she the one who was supposed to be induced today?” Yes, I was, but it was moved to Tuesday. Steve got off the phone and said “great, they all know who you are.” – haha.

We loaded the car with our bags, boppy and birthing ball. I called my mom and texted some friends. It was baby time! We got to the hospital around 4am.

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