7 years with the hubby!

Wow, a day to celebrate! Ryan is 2 weeks old and it’s our old dating anniversary… Steve and I have been together for 7 YEARS! That seems so crazy long to me! That has also just flown by, I can’t believe it. We’ll be at 50 before you know it! 😉

So for fun… some random stuff about us:

Started dating: January 10, 2003 (we were seniors in high school)
First date: Dinner at an italian restaurant. Steve picked me up and brought purple snapdragon flowers (& we ended up having those at our wedding because of that)

How we met: We went to different high schools, but the same youth group–I had a lot of friends from his school. I had NO idea who he was, but he somehow got my email address and sent something along the lines of: “you’re beautiful and I’d love to get to know you better. PS- cute feet.” Seriously. Cute feet. I had to ask all my friends, who is this guy?! He played football and baseball and I’m not into the “jocky” type at all, but I was still intrigued. We started talking and hanging out in groups… he started writing me poems (so not the “jocky” type at all)…. I went to his homecoming dance with him… and after about 7 months of this friendship, we started dating. Because I have cute feet 🙂

Dating life: After dating for 7 months, we left home for different colleges. He went to Iowa State and I went to Univ of Iowa (2 hours apart). We saw each other almost every other weekend, but it was really hard. My sophmore year I transferred to Iowa State to be with him and to study animal science (a program Univ of Iowa didn’t have).

Married: Saturday, May 17, 2008 (after 5.5 years of dating)

Honeymoon: a week in St. Lucia at the Sandals Regency

Lunch in Soufriere, St. Lucia

Ziplining through the rainforest, St. Lucia

Ziplining through the rainforest

How he has changed me: oh so many ways. Simply: taught me to love Dave Matthews Band and the Cubs (he’s still working on the Vikings). Taught me to try new foods (I’m still a picky eater, but used to be SO much worse). Taught me to be more patient and stress-free. Turned me more to the political right side.

How I have changed him: I think you’ll have to ask him… but I think I’ve helped him gain self-esteem, made him love cats ;), got him into more types of music (rock, punk, rap), and we both make each other laugh more.

Why we get along: We’re both big nerds. I still get butterflies and I still get really excited for “date night” even if it’s watching a movie at home on the couch. He makes me smile and laugh all the time, but we can also have serious, intelligent conversations… about anything. He’s completely thoughtful and understanding and sweet.

Example? He has done everything these past 2 weeks. And I mean everything. He’s back at work and barely gets any sleep, yet he changes nearly every diaper, cooks, cleans, does the laundry, runs all the errands, and waits on me hand and foot. I do what I can, but recovering from the c-section has been hard and if I do too much, it gets more painful. He refuses to let me do anything and insists on bringing me whatever I need. Before he leaves for work at night, he makes sure I have my water, meds, computer, food, etc – anything and everything. I’d be crying without him, I couldn’t do this without him!

Happy 7 years, babe. I love you!

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  • Sarah

    I *love* this post. There are just so many similarities between you guys and me and my boyfriend; we got together towards the end of high school, we have a snapdragon moment too (!), we’re currently in the long-distance phase as we’re both at university. It’ll be our 4th anniversary in April.
    He’s taught me to love DMB, I’ve taught him to love cats (well, my cat anyway). He’s taught me patience, I’ve taught him confidence.

    I just want to say, seeing the beautiful life and family you have built together makes me look forward to whatever’s coming with me and Jack… just have to wait for the long-distance bit to be done!

    Congratulations on your date anniversary, and happy two week birthday to your lovely son.

    Sorry I’m being so mushy!


    Baby Dickey Reply:

    Wow, very similar stories, that’s crazy! Congrats to you two and I hope your distance part is over soon! It is hard, but 4 years… you guys are good to go, best of luck! 🙂


  • Sarah

    Jack and I went to Millets (a camping and outerwear shop) to return a tent he’d bought… Romantic hey?! Heehee.


  • Beth

    Really sweet….both of you are the perfect match. Happy dating anniversary…I will never forget that email and the excitement and wonder that you showed! Wonderful times, Em!


  • Kristine

    So sweet. I’m glad you wrote this. I’m so glad he takes care of you because you deserve it so much. High school sweethearts. You two are too cute. I’m impressed he took you out to a nice Italian restaurant as a senior. Ben and I went to Wal-Mart on our first date (seriously super embarrassing as it sounds).


    Baby Dickey Reply:

    haha, Walmart? What’d you guys do there?? lol. And… I left out a part. I don’t know if Steve was really nervous for our first date or what, but he had his cousin (who was also one of my friends) meet us there (and he was drunk–the cousin, not Steve). It added some comic relief, haha.


  • Aw, your story is similar to my husband and mine. We got married July 08′ and had been together for four years. We will celebrate six years this coming May. We also did long distance for a year, it was horrible and so I started attending the same college he was. But, that isn’t the point of this comment! My baby is six weeks and has had SUPER weight gain too. She was 6lbs 11oz at birth and has pretty steadily (for the first four weeks) gained two oz. a day. She would cry and freak out after eating and I thought that it was because she was eating too often (like your ped told you) but I talked with a couple of midwives and a lactation consultant and it all had to do with burping. Breast fed babies can’t be overfed. They will suck for comfort but then fall asleep, so offering the breast (more than every three hours) won’t hurt them as long as you burp each time. I am not trying to tell you do get off the schedule or anything (because seriously every three hours at two weeks is incredible!) but just know that if you are alone and the baby is crying it is not going to hurt your babe to offer him the breast earlier than the three hour mark. You are doing a great job! Adorable baby too!


  • CONGRATULATIONS! Here’s to many more happy years together!


  • Aw, congrats you guys!!! 🙂


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