Cover Me Chic hospital gown review & discount!

Welcome to Cover Me Chic: be chic, be covered, be comfy! They make designer hospital gowns and I was lucky enough to receive one for my labor and delivery! I loved wearing it and am glad to have it around post-pregnancy too!


  • 100% cotton
  • Flutter sleeves that won’t restrict movement
  • Snap closure down the sleeves and back of gown for easy on/off, breastfeeding, and full coverage

The gown come in 3 sizes, multiple prints, and beautiful packaging to make for a great gift!

I loved wearing mine–I put it on as soon as I got to the hospital. Much better than wearing their old, ratty hospital gowns that leave you wondering if your butt is hanging out! The nurses were all asking me where it was from and one even went online to look it up right then. They said they had never seen such a thing and they all loved it!! I wore it through labor and delivery and it did get slightly dirty… because of that, the nurse changed me out of it after my c-section (I was too doped up to tell her any differently). But the gown is also great for your recovery period–you still look 6 months pregnant (remember that awkward clothing stage?) and you just want to be comfy!

I’m wearing their 5th Avenue print, but they have 3 others and more on the way very soon! I think a comfy hospital gown that makes you feel good is a definite must for labor! Find Cover Me Chic on twitter and on facebook.

My readers are getting a special discount code for 15% off!! Just enter “BABYDICKEY” at checkout and enjoy! 🙂

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