We’ve got one BIG BOY!

Ryan is 5 weeks old today and yesterday we had our 1-month appt at the pediatrician.

Q: What’s with the wheezing noise when he breathes sometimes?
A: His nose is probably just a little stuffy. Try using saline solution in his nose–no need to suck it back out. Do it 30 minutes before feeding him about 3 times a day.

Q: Sometimes he feeds and then spits up a bunch and cries to be fed again. Normal?
A: Yes, it’s normal.

Weight: 10 pounds, 6 ounces. (that’s a gain of 2 lb 7 oz in 3 weeks! almost 2 ounces a day.)
Weight percentile: 75 (meaning 75% of other male babies his age weigh less than him and just 25% weigh more than him)

Length: 23 1/4″ (he was 20″ at birth)
Length percentile: 95!!

Head size: I can’t remember exactly.. it was 41.something cm
Head size percentile: 90!

I found a growth chart predictor online and entered Ryan’s current length and age. It said he’ll grow to be 6 feet 0.3 inches! Now, I know he’s really young and up to like 2 years of age, his percentiles can change a lot… but I’m fairly certain he’ll tower over mama by the time he’s like 13, haha (I’m only 5’2″!) I guess Steve has lots of tall people from his family (although he’s 5’10”) so Ryan must get it there… I just can’t believe those percentiles! Our tiny baby is apparently huge!

My 2 favorite boys 🙂 Yea, Ryan looks real huge, huh? lol.

Steve has been telling everyone possible that his son has a head size in the 90th percentile, hahaha. Something to be proud of, I guess 😉

Saturday was also my grandma’s 83rd birthday–she had fun celebrating with Ryan 🙂

And check this out… 4 generations! That’s Ryan, me, my mom, and my grandma (and a pesky lil dog too)

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