Back at work with a 6-week-old baby

Many of you know I started back at work on Monday… 6 weeks after Ryan was born, making me a WOHM (work outside of the home mom). Right now I’m doing ~28 hours a week and working my way up to full-time eventually. My husband works nights so right now we’re able to take care of Ryan at home with our opposing schedules, which is realllllllly wonderful–but also leaves the two of us no time to spend together!

Ryan is an awesome sleeper. He goes down anywhere from 8:30pm to 10:30pm (usually right in the middle), gets up around 3:30-4am to nurse, and then we’re up for the morning together around 6-6:30am (when he nurses again). He sits in his bouncer in the bathroom while I shower and get ready… and then Steve gets home from work around 7:30am and takes over.

I’m at work by 8:30am and stay until 2pm. Ryan gets to nurse right before I leave, I pump once at work during lunch, and nurse Ryan when I get home. That part of it all is working out really well!

I think I get enough sleep out of the deal (most nights, anyway), but Steve goes on 5-6 hours a night. It has only been one week so far and he’s doing great, but I’m sure he’ll crash at some point!

I miss Ryan while I’m at work, but it’s really nice to know that he’s at home with his dad–that makes it a lot easier. He’s still napping lots during the day, but once he starts becoming more active, I’m going to feel like I’m missing out on so much! It’s hard for me to leave the house in the morning even if he’s awake and cooing and smiling at daddy! Right now when I get home from work, Steve’s stories go something like this:

“I was changing Ryan’s diaper and he was staring out the window. Then suddenly he turned and looked right at me, smiled, and said ‘goooahhhgaaaa.'” And my reaction is something like: “AWWWWW, how cute! I missed it!!!” Even though Ryan does that now about 15 times a day, haha.

Then I take over with Ryan and Steve goes to sleep until he has to get up around 9pm for work, which he does 6 days (nights) a week.

Ryan is an awesome kid. He’s so good and so adorable. Steve and I are beyond lucky. Here’s a picture of our new backyard–we’re on a golf course (we moved last weekend) and some of Ryan from the last 2 weeks:

Cannot believe he’s 7-weeks this Sunday. Crazy. The photographer lady we saw this past Monday kept commenting on Ryan’s strength and size… said he looks like he’s 3 months old!!!

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