12 weeks old!

I’ll probably say this nearly every week, haha, but… I can’t believe it. 12 weeks?! I feel like the next 18 years of my life will be over in a snap! So what’s new with Ryan… he’s completely off his nighttime schedule. He used to go down around 8pm and sleep for 8 hours until 4am when I’d nurse him and then he’d go down for about another 2 hours… up for the day around 6-630am. Not so much anymore. I think it was daylight savings??? But that 8 hour chunk is definitely gone 🙁

Now he goes down around 9pm (thanks, daylight savings), but instead of sleeping till 5am, he’s up around 1-2am… and last night it was at midnight!! I nurse him, he goes back to sleep, gets up again around 4am to nurse, then sleeps in till around 7:30 which is right when I leave for work.

Because of this new schedule, I’m back to co-sleeping. He goes down in his bassinet at 9pm, but once he wakes up for his first feeding, he’s in bed with me the rest of the night. And I love it 🙂 I love cuddling with him and I love waking up to see his adorable little face! This was taken yesterday morning:

I think I laid in bed for a half hour just staring at him. Hmm what else is new… he’s drooling lots and trying to eat his hands. He has looked at his feet a few times… he HATES tummy time, but has really strong neck and leg muscles (loves to “stand”). I’m going to guess he’s around 13-13.5 pounds… his next ped appointment isn’t until 4 months of age. Some more of my lil cutie:

What’s on his wrist? I have no idea. I came home from work and Steve said he found it and thought it was a wrist “bracelet” for Ryan… yes, it’s a giant pink flower…hahaha.

This is the Baby Bjorn Babysitter. LOVE IT. I won it from their contest… we set it in front of our fish tank and it’s seriously the best “babysitter” ever.


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