Body After Baby: 12 weeks post-cesarean

I’m going to post some comparison pictures of what I’m trying to get back to….

This was taken on Valentine’s Day in 2009… 2.5 months before I got pregnant:

And this was on St. Patty’s Day in March, 2009, at a friend’s wedding… a few weeks before I got pregnant:

Okay… I was about 116 lb pre-pregnancy. As of 12 weeks post-cesarean, I am about 123… 7 pounds to go. Not bad! The belly pouch is definitely still there and I think it looks fine when standing, but pretty bad when sitting, lol. It just feels like loose skin kind of. But… I really don’t mind. I figure it’ll get better someday, I have an awesome excuse (BABY!), and I’ve never been that body-conscious anyway. I’m learning to get used to buying size L shirts and size 6 pants. I just took these today (12 weeks + 1 day post-cesarean):

What are some of your post-baby exercise/weight loss tips?? How long did it take you, if ever, to get back down to normal? Now that the weather is warmer, I’ve been out taking Ryan on a few walks, but other than that I don’t have much time to exercise! So I *try* to eat healthy, but at the same time I’ll admit it has been hard to break that “pregnancy diet” of thinking I can eat whatever I want, haha.

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  • To my experience I do not loose that extra few lbs after birth while I’m breastfeeding (lot’s of other mother have the same issue) But I do tend to loose it all when I get pregnant again (that tends to happen every 10 month after babies are born LOL)

    But lowering your sodium intake could help get rid of water retention that comes post baby. walking and swimming help tone up too


  • Becca M

    You look GREAT mama!! I’ve heard the “mommy pouch” is harder to get rid of if you had a c-section. (Like it isn’t hard enough anyway!) I never lost the weight after my first. Which was my fault, I did not excercise or anything. With my second, I did not gain any weight while pregnant and I’ve lost 27 pounds so far. Now that I am 6 weeks pp, I am going to start excercising. Moms in my playgroup say that simply going on walks with baby do wonders. It is hard to break the pregnancy diet, but you are breastfeeding so technically you are still eating for two 🙂


  • You look amazing! I still have 30 more pounds to go before I’m back to my pre pregnancy weight 🙁 I did gain 70 so I think I’m doing pretty good. I just go for walks every night after supper, thinking about doing water aerobics.


  • kia

    I look forward to the answers you get. I am already trying to form a plan to start 6 wks after I give birth if I am lucky enough to give vaginal delivery. Tae Bo has a post-natal workout, Tracey Mallet does post-baby workouts (she is on twitter and interacts with others there), I am planning on yoga (for sure), and running when my body feels up to it again… if I have time.


  • Dallely

    You look great for 12weeks PP…I still have 5 more pounds to my prepregnancy weight and he will be 5 months next week…and like you my only excersise is walking…but whatever your doing keep it up.. 🙂


  • You look great! I’ve started running and within a month I’ve dropped 10 pounds and a good pant size. It only took me a few weeks to get back down to pre-preggo weight but I had other weight to lose after that. 🙂 And, it seems every baby has left my body a little differently…my third child will be a year old next week. Just enjoy what you have while you have it, and fit fitness in whenever you can.


  • Emily you look amazing!! I heard the pouch is harder to get rid of once you had a c-section since it’s harder for your muscles to tighten back up.
    If the diet and walks don’t work maybe look into the Belly Bandit since it’s supposed to help tighten those muscles again? Hell, maybe even get them to sponsor you!! 🙂

    But seriously, you don’t need anything, you look great!


  • The Good Doctor

    Well, from my perspective you look amazing.


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