Nursing in public: success!

I recently wrote a post about my first attempt at nursing in public. I was only half successful because I ended up nursing Ryan in the women’s bathroom. Well… I tried it again. Last weekend we had some out of town friends visiting and we went to Old Chicago on Friday night for some food. I was nervous about bringing Ryan because I knew we’d be out past his usual bedtime and I didn’t know how he’d handle it.

He did awesome. When it was bedtime, he just fell right asleep in his car seat! He only started crying once because he was hungry. Yea, I was nervous. I haven’t really practiced it either–I mean, getting him ready to nurse while keeping everything covered up. When I nurse him at home, I don’t try to hide anything, lol. AND sitting on the other side of the booth were 2 of my guy friends… one of the things I mentioned in my last post that made me uncomfortable! This was like the ultimate test!

I picked up Ryan and I said to my friends, “You guys are cool if I feed him right now, right?” It was hilarious–the 2 guys right across from me both looked straight down at their plate of food and said “oh yea, of course, uh huh, go ahead.” They didn’t mean to, but it was totally obvious, haha. I used Ryan’s blanket over my shoulder just to get him latched and then I kind of let it fall down. I think one of the guy’s stared at his plate almost the whole time, but the other guy talked to me and looked me in the face. I think he forgot what I was doing!

And they all said they’d punch anyone who might say something rude to me about it 🙂 And that was it – my first REAL experience in public and in front of male friends. I rock!

Ok, NIP #2. Besides nursing in front of guys, I also mentioned in my last post that it was weird to nurse in front of family. Welllll…. I just wanted to knock this dead all in one weekend apparently. We were at my in-laws on Sunday afternoon and Ryan got hungry. I didn’t want to sit alone in the other room especially because there really wasn’t anywhere private unless I went all the way upstairs.

At first it was really awkward because they handed Ryan over to me because he was hungry, so everyone’s eyes were on us (or at least I thought so!) I sat back down on the couch, waited for everyone to continue doing their thing, and nursed him. I used the blanket again like at the restaurant and everything was fine. No one said a word or really seemed to notice. Two hours later, I did it again.

I’M A PRO! 🙂

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