Tummy Time: tips?

Ryan hates tummy time. HATES. At our 2 month check-up, the ped asked how long Ryan could handle it before crying and I was like, “uhhhhhmmmmmm…” and he said, “10 minutes?” Yea, sure! In my head I was thinking… 10 seconds?!

How do your babies do with tummy time? Are there any that actually like it? Ryan is getting better though. He’s great at holding his head up, but at first he’d just plant his face right in the ground and scream. Then he learned to turn his head to the side. Now he holds his head up, but he also holds his arms up… it looks pretty funny. We always try to prop his arms up under him so he pushes up with them, but…. no luck. Is it just too early for that???

At Babies-R-Us the other day (tip: know what you want, run in, grab it, run out. Otherwise you get trapped! And spend $100!) we happened to see this weird surf board lookin’ thing. Obviously we bought it.

It’s supposed to help with tummy time… it sits on a play mat with fun things to look at and play with and it even spins around, 360 degrees (as if Ryan could use his hands to push himself, ha). It started out alright…

Just chillin…. I spun him around a couple times…. then he started to get whiny and nervous. So I put this handy little mirror that came with it in front of his face:


That lasted about… 15 seconds.

I finally took him off and put him on his back. Not.a.happy.dude.

Has anyone ever seen this contraption before? I think with time he’ll like it more… at least better than being on the ground! And I’m hoping it helps him learn to put his arms down and push up with his hands. Any other tummy time tips???

I found it on Amazon and it does say age 0-6 months! Here it is, if interested:ย Lamaze Spin and Explore The Sea

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  • I think that some babies just don’t like tummy time, but if you wear your baby that would be as good for him to get some head muscles strength and also helps with posture!

    He will grow out of it eventually ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Ok, never saw that contraption, but lots of baies HATE tummy time. Snadragon was prolly 3 months before he would tolderate it for more than 20 seconds before the whining, and a minute before crying. Hang in there, just keep offering tummy time.


  • Nelle

    I have the Lamaze ladybug version of that surfboard. Baby hated tummy time- like you said, face plant and scream- and the spinner did make things more tolerable. But it was 4 minutes- tops (which was better than the 15 seconds we would get on flat floor). We did tummy time in several increments throughout the day- 2 minutes here, 2 minutes there- until she learned to roll over.


  • Your doctor is insane. Until Killian turned 3.5 months he would scream the SECOND you put him on his belly. He could roll over before 2 weeks because he was so desperate to GTFO of tummy time. All of the babies except for one in my November birth comm seemed to be the same way.

    My doctor scolded me for not doing it more (and for not supplimenting with formula, and for cosleeping, and for wanting to not give him 6 vaxes in one day, etc- I hate that office so hard,) but I think it is ridiculous. His neck/body strength has always been really good without tummy time, and my husband works at a daycare so he has a lot of babies for comparison. I don’t think doing something that so upsets a baby is terribly beneficial. There are other ways they strengthen their neck! I doubt our ancestors ever laid their babies on the ground for X minutes a day.. a lion would eat them! heh.

    Though we’d keep trying with the tummy time about once a week, and then at 3.5 months, he magically liked it! Now, if he’s in a good mood, he’ll chill there about 10 minutes which is as long as his attention span gets for anything. I was SO shocked the first time he did it!


  • HAHA!! My BFF was just talking to me about tummy time and said that when drs told them the baby was suppose to sleep on his back to avoid SIDS she thought that meant ALL the time, as is no tummy time EVER, haha. So now when her doctor asked her about it she was like “oops”. Now he HATES tummy time, lol. He’s about 13 weeks now I think.


  • uhh that thing looks pretty scary…
    lol. I’d cry after getting off of it too.
    haha jk


  • Becca M

    I think my baby is weird, he likes tummy time. But my oldest hated it! When he was a baby, we used a play mat that had a pillow type thing so that he wasn’t completely flat on his tummy and he would tolerate it sometimes. Lots of babies hate tummy time, its normal ๐Ÿ™‚


  • I agree with everyone – lots of babies hate tummy time. But they eventually grow out of it…thankfully. ๐Ÿ™‚ I bought the Lamaze worm/snake/caterpillar thing and put her over it. So it’s under her armpits. She likes tummy time so she doesn’t mind that. You can always roll up a little towel and try the same thing. Or a Boppy pillow. That seems to work really well too. Hope this helps! Hang in there! ๐Ÿ™‚


  • It definitely took Jack some time to warm up to tummy time. But I tried to do 5 minutes here and there and week after week he’d lift his head a little higher and like it a little more until he actually smiled! Now he loves it and he’s only 13.5 weeks. If you go to my blog, there are pictures of him on his tummy, doing the whole “mini push-up” thing so no, I don’t think it’s too early for it. But I’ve read that babies do that around 4 months and he started doing it a week or 2 before he turned 3 months. So a bit early but like I said, I do tummy time every day and now he likes it! I usually eat breakfast sitting on the floor next to him while he gets his exercise! Just keep doing it in small increments and eventually he will warm up to it and get stronger. Good luck!


  • Courtney

    I use a boppy pillow. I put her chest on the curved part and her feet in the opening- then a prop her elbows under her if she starts to slouch. This way she’s not in the face plant position.

    She’s been doing that- and seeming to enjoy it for 10-15min at a pop- since she was about 8 weeks old.

    Also, she likes it a lot more when I entertain her than when I just put her facing the toys on her play mat.


  • Youโ€™re not alone. Most babies dislike Tummy Time at first, but become accustomed to it with practice. Make sure youโ€™re trying at his most content time of day, and get down there on the floor with him using a favorite object or toy. Play games like peek-a-boo and make it a fun time. Pathways Awareness has developed some tips to make it easier on parents (and babies): http://bit.ly/8IhuuF. They also have a unique developmental calendar with activities to foster your LOโ€™s growth: http://bit.ly/5lGkTm. Continue to create an interesting environment and baby will accept TT in no time!


  • Mason isn’t really a fan of tummy time either! I NEED to get this contraption!!!


  • Eli has the same outfit… and the same angst when it comes to tummy time! Maybe I should try the mirror trick: I think he dislikes tummy time because he can’t see anything!


  • Kara

    I never did tummy time with Samara, and she’s always had great head control. I think it’s kind of silly, honestly. Kids will figure out how to do what they are supposed to do, naturally, without us trying to force them. It’s so not worth making a young infant cry because they are ‘supposed’ to have tummy time, in my opinion.


  • sarah

    I absolutely despise the whole concept of tummy time. most babies hate it, it stresses out parents and why do we do it? to force our children to reach milestones a few weeks earlier than they would if we left them to their own devices. I continue to hope for the day that the word wakes up to the teachings of the likes of Emmi pikler and magda gerber and this whole silly tummy time institution falls by the wayside…


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