Cora’s Story Fundraiser and Giveaway!

I have written on here before about Cora’s Story. Cora was a precious 5 day old baby girl when she died while breastfeeding in her mother’s arms from an undetected Congenital Heart Defect (CHD). CHD is the #1 birth defect and I bet most of you have never heard of it before. We need to change that!! Cora’s parents, Kristine and Ben, are now saving lives by raising awareness and educating on CHD and a simple test you can do when your baby is born, a pulse oximetry. Having a baby or know someone who is?? Tell them to ask for a pulse ox 48 hours after birth!

As of April 7, 2010, Cora’s Story Inc. has officially become a non-profit organization. By donating to Cora’s Story you are helping save lives. This organization has three main themes that your donations will help develop (taken right from

1. Cora’s Hopes and Dreams (Spells CHD, cool, huh?): Saving and improving lives through congenital heart defect awareness and education. We especially want to work with expecting parents and parents. Our goal is for no other parent to find out about CHD, the most common birth defect, from the coroner. And, of course, screening for CHD goes hand in hand with this and is close to our hearts. We’ll be keeping an eye one newborn screening research and developments.

2.Cora Cares: Working to help parents pay for their child’s funeral.Cora’s funeral home, Zwick and Jahn in Decatur, Indiana, donated their services. We want to both work with other funeral homes to follow suit and to raise funds for parents to pay for their child’s funeral. Funeral are expensive, as are children, having a funeral and having a child just don’t mix financially.

3. Cora’s Heart: Remember “Wear pink for Cora?” Well, don’t put away that pink! We’re going to make it a monthly routine and hopefully grow as we go. Cora made us so happy, and we want to pass on the love. On the 30th of the month, Cora was born on November, 30, we urge people tocommit an act of good in her name, and to wear pink to pass on her story. Through all of our acts of good and kindness, Cora’s love will multiply.

If you’d like any more information, have ideas on how to fundraise or have services you can offer, please email Kristine at They’re trying to keep overhead costs low so anything you can offer will help tremendously!

There’s also a community forum you can join for more discussion: Cora’s Story Community
And you can read Cora’s Story here: Cora’s Story

**EDIT** After being posted for only 1 hour, we already have 1 donation and FOUR sponsors donating prizes! Including: $25 Target gift card, a hand-knit baby hat, a prayer child candle and a Cushie Pushie for breastfeeding moms! I’m sure there will be LOTS more on the way. AND… the first 10 people to donate money to Cora’s Story will get one of Cora’s very own adorable birth announcements made by Tiny Prints. Want a chance to win?! Please donate money (any amount!) to Cora’s Story (see below or at the top right sidebar). THANK YOU!

WANT TO HELP??? I’m hosting a fundraiser/giveaway!!! Here’s what I need from YOU:

1) Please contact me (erdickey at gmail dot com) if you have a prize you’d like to donate. It can be handmade or purchased. Everyone who donates money to Cora’s Story will be entered in drawings for every prize, so I hope to have lots of great gifts for them!! What do you get out of it? First of all, doing something incredibly good and generous… but also, publicity. I’ll post about you and your gift for all to see! (I get about 18,000+ pageviews a month so that’s a lot of publicity for you!)

2) Please DONATE! 100% of what is raised here will go to Cora’s Story Inc to help save lives. You’ll get 1 “ticket” for every dollar you donate. So donate $10 and get 10 entries, $20 and get 20 entries, etc! I am certain there will be lots of amazing prizes so the more entries you get, the better your chances 🙂 No amount is too small and any amount is greatly appreciated!

Click below to donate securely through paypal. If you’d rather mail a check, please contact me (erdickey at gmail dot com)

I will be raising money until May 30, 2010… Cora’s 6 month birthday. Once donations close, I will take all entries and draw winners for each prize that has been donated!! I will update my blog with news on sponsors as they come in 🙂 PLEASE spread the word!

*Paypal is not associated with the drawing, only with the donations. Paypal does not participate in raffles. The giveaway is separate. If you have questions, please email me at erdickey at gmail dot com*

PLEASE contact me to donate prizes or for any other information!! Thanks much! erdickey at gmail dot com


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