Tender Lullabies: physiology puts baby to sleep

We have a lullaby CD… we have the lamb that plays white noise and heartbeat sounds… we have a teddy bear that does the same thing (with some birds chirping too!)… we have a swing and a sleeper and a pack n’play… I was feeling like we had tried all the sleep aids that we possibly could have. Sure Steve and I were getting along fine with Ryan, but sleep time has always been a bit difficult.

Then I was contacted to review a CD–Tender Lullabies: Soothing Classic Piano Melodies. I figured it couldn’t hurt, right?! Honestly my expectations weren’t super high, thinking it’d be another music CD that sounded pretty (and if it was, I’d tell you).

It worked the first time I used it. Coincidence? Okay. It worked the second time I used it. And the third… why? Each song on the CD is played at 60 beats per minute (the resting heart rate tempo)… nice and slow, which has been shown to naturally slow heart and respiration rate allowing baby to get calm and quiet–and nice and sleepy! Another huge plus is that they don’t sound like baby songs. They don’t sound like typical lullabies with bells and baby sounds and an electric piano. It’s a real pianist on a real piano. These songs put ME to sleep! My husband even likes playing it.

When I say this CD “worked” for us, I mean it made Ryan sleepy. You know how babies fight sleep and especially if they’re over-tired they get all restless and flail their arms and legs all over. This CD really did seem to calm Ryan down, slow his heart rate, and make him still. Part of it may even be that it made ME still (less stressed, more relaxed)! And… it works for Daddy. Sometimes I’m able to slowly sing Ryan to sleep, but Daddy doesn’t seem to have that skill so he has been relying on this CD–it’s our new “go-to.”

The CD is about 34 minutes long and I suggest putting it on repeat. The first time I used this, Ryan passed out and woke up as soon as the CD was over! Here are the songs on the CD:

  • Lullaby (Brahms)–my favorite one 😉
  • Canon (Pachelbel)
  • Childhood (Schumann)
  • The Swan (Saint-Saens)
  • Waltz (Brahms)
  • To A Wild Rose (MacDowell)
  • Clair de Lune (Debussy)
  • Dream Of Love (Liszt)
  • Prelude (Bach)
  • Mediation (Thais)
  • Gymnopedie (Satie)

You can read about the science behind the system and even listen to the songs before you buy.

You can buy the CD here: Tender Lullabies CD for just $10.95. I honestly believe it’s worth it–just skip the other sleep aids and lullaby CDs they sell at the stores.

And what’s awesome… the producer, Helene Byrne of Be-Fit Mom, is donating a copy of this CD to our Cora’s Story fundraising giveaway!! Remember, we’re fighting congenital heart defects and raising money for this wonderful non-profit organization. Each donation (even if just $1!) gets an entry into my giveaway for tons of awesome prizes… this CD included! So go donate! (Click link above or on the ChipIn button in the right sidebar).

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  • This CD sounds great! M doesn’t sleep unless he’s on top of me! I put him down and within 20 minutes he’s awake. Hopefully this CD will work for me too. It’s so hard to get things done when he only takes cat naps and/or has to be on me in order to sleep longer!


  • We always play gentle music at our preschool during rest time, and we use a variety of CDs, but most of them are simply instrumental (usually just piano) lullaby CDs. There are a few others that we use, but they are generally the same. The songs are gentle and soothing, and put the younger ones right to sleep. For the older ones who take a bit longer, it gives them something to listen to and to focus on while they lay quietly, and it helps them calm themselves and fall asleep. For the oldest ones, I start playing it during lunch, and use it as a cue to quiet themselves, speak softly, and begin to wind down from the morning.

    I’ve always preferred real music to the ‘baby’ music of bells and little sounds, because it’s something you never grow out of, while the ‘baby’ music sometimes tends to grate (me, at least) and sometimes I’ve even seen them be counter-effective. But real music is more rhythmical, it’s smoother, and, as you can see, it works!

    My personal favourite is “The Velveteen Rabbit”, read by Meryl Streep. I forget who the pianist is, but you get the whole story, with the instrumental, and then the whole instrumental by itself. Even I put myself to sleep at night sometimes with this!


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