Happy 4 months, little man!

Yep, 4 months old today! Time has flown, little man. I see the change in you everyday as you learn new things and attempt more skills. .. it’s incredible, to see your mind at work and your development progress. And you want to know the coolest part? I made you. I made you from scratch. (Okay, Daddy helped a little, so let’s not forget about him too!) But you’re definitely my lil momma’s boy 🙂

You LOVE to stand up. In fact it stops your crying most of the time… you just like to look out at the world. In the past week or two you’ve learned how to make spit bubbles and you thoroughly enjoy soaking your clothes and covering your face in wetness. Mommy and Daddy like to do it with you, it’s like we’re talking to you! But Mommy catches herself doing it more often… like in public… at work. I need to hang a sign around my neck to let everyone know I have a 4 MONTH OLD 😉

You’ve also started to really giggle and it is the.cutest.noise.in.the.entire.world. I could listen to you do that forever, it’s heartwarming and adorable. You’re still sleeping with mommy and daddy in the big bed and we love cuddle time with you. I’m not even sure why we bought a crib at this point! Good thing it converts to a big boy bed when you’re ready.

You’re incredible at grabbing objects now, bringing both hands together to grasp and pull toward your face. You hardly ever miss anymore! We brought you out to dinner Saturday night with our friends and you were grabbing at their beer and wine glasses, funny guy. Too bad you have 20.66 years left before that! Ya know what else you love? We always play “baby in the mirror” (you’ve always liked that) and now you reach for the light switch to turn off the light for mama every time we leave the bathroom. It takes a couple tries, but you get your one little finger on the switch and keep it stiff enough so when I move your arm, the light goes off! Magic!

And your momma and daddy? The house is a disaster and we’re short on sleep, but you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to us… in case you didn’t already know. Anddd you just woke up crying from your nap 😉 K, back, you’re playing next to me on your bouncer. You really are such a good boy, your dad and I are super lucky. And you just pooped your diaper so I’m out, haha.

Love you to the moon and back 9,999,999,999,999,999 times,

PS – you’re lucky I wrote this whole letter BEFORE I just spent 45 minutes getting you to sleep and then you woke up crying as soon as I walked out the door. Little booger.

(the cat weighs more than Ryan. for real.)

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