Vaccines: to DTaP or not to DTaP?

Next up at the doctor’s office yesterday……….. vaccines.
The pediatrician didn’t even bring them up even though you’re supposed to receive some shots at the 4 month visit. So I thought that was pretty cool–he was respecting our wishes to not have any. But I brought it up. I know what it’s like to not have a doctor on your side and I wanted to be absolutely sure their office was going to be OK with us not vaccinating (or delaying). I didn’t want to run into issues or attitudes every time we came with Ryan.

I said: “Ryan hasn’t received any vaccines yet and we don’t plan on giving any.. at least not anytime soon. Is that ok with everyone here?”

He shrugged and said “Yea, that’s ok. That’s fine. Wait…. not even DTaP?” (I said no.) So he went on to explain….

DTaP is important for the Pertussis part of it (whooping cough) because adults are often carriers and don’t know it and it causes babies to end up in the ICU. He does NOT think vaccines are related to autism because we still see autism in children who are not vaccinated. And the reason for the increased autism rates?? If your child has developmental issues, you can’t receive help (from the government) unless it’s labeled as autism. So children may be diagnosed with autism, but not really be autistic.

Ok, that part makes sense to me. But… the Pertussis vaccine is still notorious for causing reactions such as the “crying baby syndrome” from swelling of the brain. My doctor’s response: we don’t see that happen very often.

He also said there were more issues when the DTaP vaccine was DTP (without the “a”) because it had some 360 antigens, causing the baby’s body to need to produce 360 antibodies (overload)! Whereas the new DTaP has only 60 or something.

Steve and I had decided to take this vaccine thing one visit at a time… researching the vaccines as the time came. We had decided that Ryan didn’t need any right now and that as it was time for new vaccines, we’d decide about those then. And maybe get the tetanus vaccine when he was running around, playing outside–but not as a 2 month old (or 4 month old). I asked if we could get the DTaP as separate vaccines, if the Pertussis is the important one… then get the Tetanus later maybe. He said no–we had to get it as a combo shot…….. anyone know if that’s true????

But now? We’re completely confused. Do we get the DTaP or not? Or maybe we should get it, but not until later. Like at 1 year of age? Arrrrgggggg. This is by far the most difficult decision we’ve had to make as parents.I truly believe this decision will be different for every family, for every child, for each vaccine. There is no right or wrong. But deciding what the ‘right” is for your family….. is very difficult.

Whooping cough is bad. It would be terrible if Ryan got it. But side effects from DTaP can also be bad… besides immediate reactions, it can even cause problems that you don’t even see until later in life (developmental delays, irritability, ear infections, ADD, etc.)

Suggestions? Facts? Tips? I’d love to hear from all sides… those vaccinating, those delaying, those choosing certain vaccines, and those not vaccinating at all.

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36 comments to Vaccines: to DTaP or not to DTaP?

  • Sorry if you get this twice, the site went wonky on me when I tried to submit it the first time.

    We vaccinate, and we vaccinate on time. Pertussis is really nasty and I would rather risk a few rare side effects that may or may not occur from the vaccine then risk her contracting something that could send her to the ICU, or kill her – which does happen.I would also hate for her to not be vaccinated, contract something when she’s older and her body fights it off, only to infect another baby who is too young to HAVE a vaccine.


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  • We also vaccinate and have never had any reactions at all from vaccines. I agree with the first commenter.

    Also, here is a relatively recent link about the autism/vaccinations “link”… or lack of link:


  • I am a vaccinating parent. I have seen many kids in the hospital due to their parents not wanting them to be vaccinated. Of course there are side effects. There are side effects to a lot of things in life. My belief is that if there is something out that can protect my child in a way that I can’t, then I’m going to use it.

    However, I do see your logic that some shots can be put off until later. And that’s fine as long as they’re put off and not forgotten. I just think that with everything that’s out there, it would be safer to get the shots. Besides, just think about how rare those side efforts of are. I mean 1 in every couple of million get them. I think that if you are going to let Ryan be exposed to other children as he gets older, it’s best to vaccinate.

    I say do the DTaP. Some shots need to be coupled in order for them to work. Continue to take each shot as it comes and research it. Just make sure that you listen to your doctor more than you do the sites. The Internet can be a very deceiving place. If you’re going to research use non bias medical sites from well known respected medical companies and groups.


  • Claire

    Aah, the vaccination decision is really hard. We chose not to vaccinate our youngest and I still wonder if we did the right thing sometimes. I think all you can do is read up and research each disease, the treatment, the ingredients and risks of each vaccine. How prevalent the disease is, how common complications, etcetc.

    The Mothering forums are a good place to start and you will get a ton of links there to check out both on non-vaccination and on selective vaxing as well if you decide to go that route.

    You’re right that the issue people have with vaccination is rarely autism, yet everyone automatically assumes that if you don’t vax, that is the reason why. What made me start questioning is the fact that DTaP is given at 2,4 and 6 months. The prime time for SIDS starts at 2 months, and drops right off after 6 months. Is it a co-incidence or not?


  • We’ve chosen not to vaccinate our babies until they are older toddlers and then one vaccine at a time. If you look up the vaccination schedules of other countries you will see that the USA gives babies a lot more a lot earlier. Other countries do not. I’m currently reading “Vaccinations: A Thoughtful Parent’s Guide,” by Aviva Jill Romm. I highly recommend it!


  • Have you read ‘The Vaccine Book’ or ‘Vaccinations: A Thoughtful Parent’s Guide’? If not, I recommend. You get a pretty fair look at the vaccine debate and a pretty fair look at each vaccine. Based on what we read, we use Dr Sears’ delayed schedule so Owen only gets one or two per month, instead of 5-6 every few months. We don’t do it because of autism (I know a child with severe autism who wasn’t vaccinated at all) but because I’ve had bad reactions to vaccines and I worry about that with Owen too.

    My doctor felt pretty similarly to yours about DTaP though. Felt it was among the most important.

    Good luck with your decision!


  • Miracle Pending

    I would just get it. I’ve yet to meet somebody who had such a horrible reaction. The whole anti-vaccination movement is ridiculous to me. The risks of not vaccinating far outweigh vaccinating. You definitely seem intelligent and hold a masters in animal physiology. I’d think this would be a no brainer for you. Did you go through the same thought process when vaccinating your cat? 😛


  • devaskyla

    Pertussis is only really dangerous in babies under 6 months. The problem is, it also takes 3 doses for the vaccine to be effective, which, if you get vaccines at 2, 4, &6 months, means that by the time it’s actually effective, you’re past the most dangerous stage. And pertussis wouldn’t be nearly so common if a)Dr’s were able to diagnose it in adults and b)there wasn’t a pertussis vaccine. You see, different vaccines act in different ways. The pertussis vaccine DOES NOT PREVENT TRANSMISSION. It just doesn’t. It causes a decrease in symptoms in the person vaccinated; so they aren’t aware they have it and go out spreading it around. Tetanus is a disease of those with poor circulation. Even before the vaccine, it was only seen in the elderly and those with compromised circulation because tetanus can not survive in the presence of oxygen. A non-bleeding deep puncture wound is a tetanus risk, all other injuries are not. And if you have an injury which actually is a tetanus risk and you haven’t been vaxed in the last 10 years, you can get a shot of tetanus immune globulin (NOT the vaccine, it’s just a convenient way for them to get people vaxed, the vaccine will not work if you already have tetanus) I second visiting the Mothering forum for detailed info about each disease and each vaccine.


  • I might add, in response to the comment about pertussis being most dangerous before 6 months… Although it might be MOST dangerous at that time, it is a pretty serious and icky illness. Adults who get it might not be at as much risk for death, but that does not mean it does not have serious consequences, complications, lengthy recovery, and lots of medical bills related to it.


  • Courtney

    devaskyla- I had a puncture wound recently and received the DTap vaccine, not a does of IgG, so you should check your source on that.

    I am vaccinating my daughter on schedule. I’ve got a doctorate in Molecular Biology, I’ve read all the PRIMARY literature I can get my hands on, and I am convinced that the small risk of side effects are FAR outweighed by the protective benefits of vaccination.

    Please do not let people convince you that correlation equals causation. I was watching a Frontline episode on the vaccination debate, and one of the researchers (who I have personally heard speak) gave the following example: Roosters crow as the sun comes up. That does not mean a rooster crowing makes the sun come up.

    Just because children are vaccinated in the same time-frame that developmental delays/SIDS/etc. emerge or are problematic, does not mean there is a causal relationship there.

    There is no big conspiracy out there. Vaccines are meant to keep children healthy and safe. No matter what Jenny McCarthy says, vaccines are effective and it is safer to vaccinate (with minuscule risks of side effects) than to risk you child contracting a preventable illness.

    And please remember- there are people (children and adults) who cannot be vaccinated (due to compromised immune systems, allergies, etc.). Also, no vaccine is 100% effective- a small percentage of people will remain susceptible to the illness against which they are vaccinated (the percentages vary by vaccine). Their health depends on the rest of us doing our part to prevent the spread of vaccine-preventable illnesses. I will do my part to keep myself, and my daughter safe by vaccinating for whatever I can. I will not contribute to another person contracting a life-threatening, completely preventable illness.

    Please vaccinate your son. Also, please be careful where you get your information. Forums and laypeople are not reliable sources of health information.

    There is a lot of useful and reliable information available (with scientific basis). One source is there recent Frontline episode “The Vaccine War,” which you can watch online here:

    They cover a lot of science (and quacks like Jenny McCarthy)- and the message is clear. Vaccinate.


    michelle Reply:

    I wonder what your theory is now that the FDA has admitted a side effect of DTap is autism?


  • First off, the Frontline vaccine war episode was pro-vaccine and didn’t have any of the interviews they took that give contrary information, and didn’t air the interview they took with Dr Sears about vaccinations. They wanted to push vaccines in this episode and didn’t truly show the other side with people that choose to delay or know their information and what can happen from specific vaccines.

    Second, we vaccinated Glade, and at her 12 month visit she got the MMRV vaccine and got mini pox from it and had a really bad reaction for a few weeks. I didn’t know that people could have reactions to vaccines, and since then I have questioned them. She hasn’t had a vaccine since then, and all of our future children won’t be vaccinated until at least six months and then we will pick and choose which ones to give. I haven’t researched much about them yet, but I hope to soon.

    Also, pertussis can be bad, but it is really rare for people to get it. In my life I have never even met someone that had pertussis. People can say it is because of the vaccine, but I think cleanliness and other things are also helping it. Washing your hands and making sure things are clean stops the spread of germs more than most other things.

    And I am just curious how all the pro-vaccine commenters here think they have more information than the ones that choose not to vaccinate. I didn’t know I had the choice to not vaccinate, and now that I do, I will be putting so much more time into researching and truly learning my options than when I just vaccinated my daughter.

    Vaccines are a very hard issue when you are a parent, but you will do what you know is best for your family. Hugs and hopefully you are able to get some good information hun!


  • devaskyla

    My source is the CDC and the vaccine manufacturers, what’s yours? They gave you the vaccine because it was a good chance to do it, not because you were at any risk of tetanus. Unless drs are even more incompetant than I give them credit for after the last few weeks of dealing with a husband in ICU, they would have given you the immunoglobin if you were actually at risk. With every drug EXCEPT vaccines, if someone has a reaction near when it is given, it is assumed to be the drug unless there is evidence otherwise. With vaccines, all reactions are brushed off unless there is serious evidence that it was the vaccine. The onus is on them to prove vaccines are safe, not on parents to prove they are dangerous. Read the manufacturers inserts. For EVERY vaccine it says they have not been tested for carcinogenity or mutagenity. Sorry, I am not giving my kid anything that contains known carcinogens & mutagens & hasn’t been tested to see if they’re safe. When they can answer these ( completely, then I might consider vaxing.


  • First off, read The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears (son of THE Dr. Sears). It’s a really nice mostly unbiased views of vaccines that compares the disease to the vaccine.

    I said in a recent post that if I could do it over again, Peanut would get a lot less vaccines. If I had to choose just one vaccine to give her, it would be DTaP. Pertussis is very common and the most serious for little babies (so really no point in delaying the shot). The fatality rate of babies under 6 months who get it is about 1% (though most of them occur for babies who are too young to have even had the first round of the vaccine) and about 75% get hospitalized. What’s scary is the fact that adults who have it probably won’t even know they do because they’re less likely to have the classic “whooping cough” that goes along with it.

    Also, make sure that you’re reading info about the DTaP vaccine and not the DTP vaccine. Older resources will still have stuff about the DTP vaccine and that one was very, very bad. So bad they took it off the market and replaced it with the DTaP. It’s still not fantastic on the side-effects scale, but not nearly as bad as DTP.

    You’re right in saying that there is no pertussis only shot (very frustrating I know). They actually can’t break up the MMR anymore either (which is the main reason we’re not getting it at all).


  • devaskyla

    @Miracle Pending Many vets are discouraging/refusing to vax these days or at least working to get longer times between shots because they have noticed too many deaths & damage from the animal vaxes


  • Ha, funny you say that Miracle Pending, because we actually never take our cats to the vet… they never receive any shots. As an animal physiologist, I know what can harm them and what can’t and I know that they don’t need the shots. (of course if they were outdoor cats, it’d be different and we’d get SOME, but certainly not all. and just a hint to anyone reading (totally off topic), opt for the 3 yr rabies shot vs the one given every year). 🙂

    I actually wish the decision for my son was so easy.

    Steve’s sister had a reaction to the DTaP so she never got another one of them.

    And I think BECAUSE I have a masters in physiology, I am questioning all of this. I have researched a lot, I have read the Dr. Sears book, I have spent hours on the forum–mainly in the pro-vacc threads to see if they could get me to change my mind.

    To all pro-vacc people:
    (I don’t disagree with what you’re doing–like I said, this is an individual decision that will be different for every family. Different based on location, history, genetics, breastfed or formula, daycare, etc. etc. etc.)

    I also know that not all vaccines have even been tested for their efficacy (tetanus is one of them)–meaning we have no idea (no solid, scientific proof) that it actually does what it’s supposed to do.

    I know I’m asking for opinions and suggestions and I’m totally open to them. Because I still am not totally sure what we’re going to do. Reading these comments is, however, reminding me why I didn’t want to vaccinate in the first place.

    Check out this chart that shows incidence of diseases decreasing BEFORE the vaccine for it was even released:

    Call me paranoid, but I am not convinced that vaccines are the cure-all. I’m not convinced they do what they’re supposed to with no harm involved. I don’t trust the FDA and I don’t trust doctors… they don’t know everything and they don’t know what’s best for me (to the person who commented I should listen to my doctor).

    I don’t think McCarthy is a quack – if your child started acting like someone turned the lights out after receiving a vaccine (after being a normal child) wouldn’t you do the same thing she did? I don’t think vaccines CAUSE autism, but I think some people are pre-disposed genetically for autism and a vaccine can trigger it… can set it off.

    I’m not saying we’ll never vaccinate. We haven’t made that decision yet. And right now I’m thinking we’ll wait until… I’m not sure when. Maybe until he’s 1 year old. When he’s outside running around and getting into things. I agree that babies so young don’t need all of these. I’ll wait until Ryan NEEDS them and then, like Kayce said, choose which ones to give. I think I may need to find a new pediatrician. And I think I’ll write an individual post for each vaccine, as they come up, to show why we are or aren’t getting it.

    Thanks for all comments!! You guys always make me think! 😉 And I will continue my research (probably until he’s 18 years old, haha)


  • Miracle Pending

    Good to know. (About the cats.) I definitely don’t trust the FDA or most doctors either. Perhaps I should have done more research, but thankfully she’s fine so far.

    Definitely do what you feel most comfortable with. Better to worry too much than not at all. You have a very lucky son!


  • KJB

    I had whooping cough about 5 years ago, because as an adult my childhood vaccine had worn off. I’m still not sure where I picked it up. It was beyond horrible. I have been very healthy throughout my life and I could definitely see where people, especially the young, have died from this disease. I would be very careful about exposing him to others if you choose not to vaccinate. Good luck with your decision.


  • I chose to only give my son the DTaP vaccination. I was not vaccinated for Pertussis as a child and was nervous about bringing it home to him. I work in the city, where the risk of contracting it is much higher. If I was a stay at home Mom I would not have chosen to get him vaccinated. Also, if my son was in daycare I might have chosen to get him more vaccinations. Everyone’s situation is different, so there is no “right” or “wrong” answer to vaccinations.

    I spoke to my doc’s office and the hospital pharmacist about receiving just a Pertussis shot, but they said they couldn’t even special order it for me. Apparently, they don’t even manufacture it anymore? He had to have the combo shot. However, make sure you get the single dose combo shot – not out the vial. The nurse was super helpful and told me they still use Thimerosal as a Preservative & Antiseptic agent when they are taking multiple doses out of a vial. So if you see them filling up the syringe out of a vial- ALWAYS ASK! Thimerosal is 50% MERCURY. You can never be too careful or too inquisitve. I asked for the vaccine insert that came with the shot and saw with my own eyes the single shot container that said Preservative Free.

    Children have died from vaccine reactions- So I’m sad to hear that mother’s just accept blindly everything the government says about vaccines. Do you know that some of the doctors that decide the AAP vaccine schedule actually have vested ($$$$) interest in pharmacy companies? Think for yourself Moms!


  • Courtney

    I don’t really know why I bother to comment on threads like this. I know that it’s very hard, if not impossible, to convince someone who “feels” or “believes” a certain way that they are mistaken. I think maybe I bother because, as a scientist, I feel like I have a knack for interpreting science for lay people- to help them understand data.

    I also think it’s because I hope someone will read what I’ve written, follow the resources I cite and make the right decision. And that right decision (barring pre-existing conditions like allergies or compromised immune systems) is to vaccinate. If too few of us are vaccinated, we will see diseases like mumps and measles re-emerge and people will die.

    I am a scientist. I am well aware that vaccines- like drugs, even aspirin- can have side effects. The scientific evidence indicates that there is no connection between vaccines and autism ( that is not a “feeling” or a personal “belief,” it is a fact. The initial paper that erroneously indicated there was a link has been retracted because numerous follow-up studies were unable to replicate the results ( I know it is hard to un-ring the bell, but you must try.

    The science also indicates that the protective benefit of vaccination outweighs the risk of side effects (

    I am aware that no vaccine is 100% effective. Does that mean nobody should use them? No. Partial immunity may decrease the severity of illness. Also- if enough people are vaccinated, the person who failed to acquire immunity would have little to worry about because they would never be exposed. However, due to the decrease in vaccination rates, there are numerous outbreaks of vaccine-preventable illnesses in this country (

    Would it break my heart if my child were to have a vaccine reaction? Absolutely. If it was severe, would I wish I hadn’t vaccinated her? Yes. The fear of those regrets does not outweigh the higher risk that she may contract a vaccine-preventable illness. (How awful to be wracked with guilt that your child died from a preventable illness!) It also does not outweigh my responsibility as a member of a community to help prevent the spread of vaccine-preventable illness.

    (NOTE: I do not know who is responsible for the content on However, I chose to reference it here because each of their entries cites primary, peer-reviewed, scientific sources. So, if you question their interpretation of the studies, you can easily read the primary sources for yourself)


    Mamma Mia Reply:

    Have you watched Vaxed? I have read forums where mother after mother talks about how her child died or was never the same after receiving one of the cocktails of vaccines recommended by the CDC.


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  • Courtney – I appreciate you commenting here and linking to facts. It may be impossible to change the minds of some, but as I said we aren’t completely decided yet, it will not be impossible to change my mind. So thanks for the information… I plan on sharing it with my husband. I feel like there are solid facts to support both ways. And I feel like the risk of disease is so low, we shouldn’t risk the vaccine side effects. (I realize not ALL disease risk is low, and as we come to those vaccines, we’ll consider getting them–like the MMR. But Rotavirus, for example, I think is only necessary if your child is in daycare…)


  • I chose not to get the DTaP, first, because it seems to have an unusually high incidence of reactions, and second, because it does not make you immune to pertussis. I’m not even sure it makes the cases of it less severe. A large percentage of pertussis cases are among those who are vaccinated for it. I read many people’s stories of severe, severe pertussis in their vaccinated children.

    All that risk and still the chance of getting pertussis anyway? Not worth it, I decided.


  • Btw, Courtney, I meant to say that I am not a lay-person. I too am a scientist–with an MS in physiology and multiple published scientific articles. I can also pick apart and interpret those articles you posted. And I feel that because I can do that, I find fault in pro-vac articles… they don’t seem trustworthy (not to say anti-vac articles do), but it’s difficult to find any unbiased information out there. Thanks for the site though.


  • Heather

    @ devaskyla:

    Your 9 questions have been answered by a physician:

    Please stop spreading mis-information.

    Pediatrics just published a study about the San Diego, CA measles outbreak in 2008. I kind of wish that they would have charged the parents that made the choice to not vaccinate their child that wound up being patient zero for the cost of containment and other associated bills. Put your money where your mouth is. Too bad health insurance had to foot the bill, along with the county.

    Your immune system is exposed to more pathogens from a trip to the mall than the ‘workout’ your immune system gets from a vaccination.

    Autism is an absolute tragedy and ‘increased’ rates are probably due to a variety of causes such as increased surveillance/diagnosis. It also occurs in unvaccinated kids.


  • AllOfuRidiots

    Perhaps it is easier for people to refuse vaccines when they don’t fully understand the serious consequences their decision has on infants who haven’t had the chance to be immunized. To be well educated on vaccines, I believe more people need to understand that public health relies on “herd immunity”. Those who do not vaccinate argue that if others are immunized they should be protected and not concerned about disease. In making these statements it is clear that they are missing the point, and not to mention putting other children, infants at risk that have not had the chance or are too young to be vaxinated. Way to go you crunchy hippies. Thanks for possibly endangering my infant with a life threatening disease, all because you are worried about side effects that more than likely will not effect your child. thanks alot.


  • I had a awful yesterday. In addition to I believe that humanity is leaving to wrongspace worse people. But I looked your writing and now I agree that in future we will have worthy years by nice people as you.


  • lisa

    Thank you for using your brain and questioning doctors, Vaccine companies and the government. So many people just do what they are told, no questions asked. I first of all believe that vaccines have a purpose in the medical field and have saved many lives. The real problem is the current vaccine schedule for childhood vaccines and the lack of proper testing to show that the vaccines are not causing harm. The government wants us to blindly shoot chemicals into our children starting at birth without asking to see proof that this is safe and beneficial in the manner they demand. For example, The Hepatitis vaccine given within days of birth, there is absolutely no reason for a newborn to have this vaccine unless the mother has hepatitis. Out of room I will continue.


  • lisa

    Lets look at the mercury issue. I am not a person that believes that mercury is “THE” cause of autism, but before mercury was taken out of the majority of vaccines, children where getting mercury shot into them at rates 100 times what is reccomended by the GOVERNMENT (epa). So if it wasnt a problem, why did they remove it. I cant believe no one (people in general) havent been really concerned about the amount of alluminum in the shots. With all of these combination vaccines and 5 shots at one time, how much alluminum does that add up to and how does the body and brain deal with it. All in all we need better testing, better options for single vaccines, and more smart people to demand our children have the best health with will include some vaccines given at the right time for them, not for the drug companies pockets, or the governments/ doctors convenience. I could go on forever. Maybe later.


  • MoneyMoney

    Think about how much money the drug companies make if everyone in the world is forced to take 10+ vaccines (most multiple times). That’s 7 billion times 10+ times let’s say $10 profit per shot = $700 billion and that’s being conservative. Then these same companies will make more money when you’re sick. There’s your answer.

    And many of these pro-vacc people were probably paid by the companies themselves.


    Emily @ Baby Dickey Reply:

    I’m with ya. Wow I haven’t looked at this post in years and also don’t think I’ve ever brought up the topic again on my blog… Since writing this post almost 4 years ago, we now have 2 kids (a 4yo and a 2yo) and neither one has ever received a single vaccine.


  • Tracy

    My daughter receives 1 vaccine at a time because she had a severe reaction to her MMRV vaccine. The reaction still has not resolved and it has been 9 months. We are still seeing specialists and getting tests/procedures to get to the bottom of it. It makes me feel sick every time I am attacked for being anti-vacc. I’m NOT anti-vacc, I am anti give my child 4+ vaccines at once. I am anti give my pregnant self or my child a vaccine that has not been tested properly. I am pro give my child a single vaccine without preservatives if it is available, why not. My child is up to date with all of her vaccines. Yet I am still considered anti-vacc. The problem here is NOT the “anti-vacc” people. The problem is there is absolutely NO empathy or bendability from the other side. There should be a relaxed vaccine schedule available to people who want to use it. A schedule figured out by CDC and doctors…so that people like me don’t have to try to figure it out myself. ALL vaccines should be offered with no preservatives. Combo vaccines should be offered broken apart. THEN the rate of parents who decide not to vaccinate would go down dramatically! People aren’t as anti-vacc as you think, we just need more options. With a sick daughter, I can tell you I could care less about protecting other peoples children. My only job is to protect my daughter. I work in the pharmaceutical world and I see first hand the testing that is done, or not done, and side effects that are seen in animals and children. And I know that side effects are far under reported (under related) once a product is on the market.

    Do whatever is right for your child. Maybe one day we’ll actually get help and options rather than bullies.


  • Mamma Mia

    When introducing new foods to our children, we don’t give them nuts, diary, and gluten all in the same day. That would be stupid.
    But the for some reason we are pressured to give our children 6+ vaccines all at once. Severe adverse reactions do occur. Then the question becomes, which one of these 8 vaccines caused it? This push for multiple vaccines all at once to infants between 2-6 months is so backwards, not careful and to be frank, not scientific when it comes to how each child will react.
    It does not take into consideration that each child’s body handles vaccines differently. [Some babies have died from vaccines…7 years ago after my son began having vaccine related seizures, I read forum after forum with parents talking about horrible side effects caused by vaccines, many of these parents’ infants had died shortly after receiving the recommended 6+ vaccines. Did these deaths get counted in vaccine side effects statistics? No, the medical world insists on giving those peculiar deaths the unhelpful/misleading title of SIDS.]
    Bottom line, these recommended schedules are not looking out for the best interest of your specific baby. They are about population disease control.
    I honestly think it is wisest to research each vaccine thoroughly, then give the most important vaccines to your child 1 at a time with at least 1 month in between each vaccine.
    I know it has been years since the last comment. I just felt like adding my thoughts on the issue as well. Thank you!


  • Dean

    Courtney are you a real person or hired by the pharmaceutical companies (hehe), because I sure do see you posting this angry, judgmental, “I’m smarter than all of you” bullshit on multiple sites. I feel like I have read your comments over and over again. You have a lot time to express how “certain” you are of what you know. Not helpful.
    The truth is we KNOW families who have vaccinated and did not vaccinate and have seen it all. I have a cousin who firmly believes that her child has intellectual disabilities due to the MMR shot, We have a friend who’s child experienced the brain swelling they always talk about with the DTaP vaccine and is now showing signs of some sort of intellectual disability, and then we have lots of friends who are vaccinated and not vaccinated and have nothing going on, as far as side effects. So to dismiss these mother’s concerns like you do, throwing your degrees around, is just you flexing. It’s not helpful
    My 10 year old also experienced a seizure from the DTap shot….I was there. I don’t know what that shit was but are you going to call that a lie too? In the end she is vaccinated, we just did the subsequent shot one by one as her body developed. She finished her final vaccines at 7 years old. I told her school she was partially vaccinated in kinder and they never brought it up again.


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