Bday Event: Clean Air Gardening review

Clean Air Gardening got started in 1998 by a guy named Lars Hundley who had a passion for his push reel mower. With a domain name in 1999 and more environmentally friendly lawn and garden products, Clean Air Gardening was taking off! (Inspiring, isn’t it?!)

One of my husband’s new hobbies is his compost pile in the backyard. We add our food scraps to it and had been collecting them in a plastic container on our kitchen counter until it was time to dump them. It was an eyesore. And it stunk. Then…. I came across kitchen composters–I didn’t even know such a thing existed! This was EXACTLY what we needed!

~stainless steel
~looks MUCH better than our rotting food piles in plastic containers
~has a carbon filter = it doesn’t stink!!
~easy carry handle
~holds 1 gallon of scraps, etc.
~11 inches tall, 7″ diameter
~dishwasher safe

No worries, the carbon filters last for 6 months to a year and replacements are only $8 for a 2-pack! I wish I had a picture for you of what our counter (and food pile) used to look like, but when I went in there to take one, my hubby had already cleared it all off and set up his new composter 🙂 I’d say this birthday gift was a success! The pail is super easy to keep clean, but to make it even easier, they also have these compostable bags!

~fit perfectly inside the kitchen composter
~3 gallon bags
~each box has 25 bags
~can be thrown right into your compost pile!
~look and feel like plastic, but are made from corn (GMO-free)
~won’t spoil on the shelf

Not only are these great for the composter, but my husband was really excited with his idea to use them at the grocery store for buying produce–those plastic bags they provide for you to use are such a waste!

There are TONS of other awesome things at Clean Air Gardening. They also have patio furniture, garden stones, rain barrels… the list is endless. I’d love to try their baby natural sunscreen, compost fork, and one of their tomato or veggie planters.

So go check it out (Clean Air Gardening) and find them on twitter, like them on facebook, and join their facebook page!

*Disclosure: I was sent the kitchen composter featured in this post and 2 boxes of the BioBags for my review. I was not compensated. All opinions are my own!*

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