Bday Event: ChicoBag Produce Stand Collection giveaway

ChicoBag was created in 2004 when founder Andy Keller became horrified at seeing plastic bags all over the place–in the landfills, caught in trees and fence posts, drowned in gutter puddles and blowing through the streets. What a waste! ChicoBag is now an industry leader in the reusable bag movement–shows you what a little passion can do, right?! I love stories like that.

Along with their reusable bags, they are introducing a NEW Produce Stand Collection. This set comes with 3 bags, each made of a different fabric for purchasing different types of produce at the store. No more using those single-use plastic bags they provide!

(from the left) Bag 1: The Mesh rePETe bag is for apples, oranges, potatoes and any other food that releases ethylene gas. The bag allows the gas to escape, keeping the foods fresher, longer.

Bag 2: The rePETe bag is for squash, broccoli, carrots, and any other food that needs to have moisture locked in.

Bag 3: The Hemp-Cotton blend bag is for leafy greens, grains and green beans–it works by absorbing excess moisture and restricting air flow.

You can buy them as a set and they come with a cute little apple carrying pouch, or you can buy each type of bag separately in a 3-pack.

Steve LOVES his Product Stand Collection. He’s so environmentally-friendly and even brought up the wastefulness of plastic produce bags on his own just days before I gave him these for his birthday (talk about PERFECT timing!) We haven’t tried them out yet, but his weekly grocery shopping trip is on Tuesdays so he’ll get to use them soon! 🙂 They are plenty large to fit what you need–larger than the plastic ones at the store!

Find ChicoBag on twitter and facebook.

You can WIN your own Produce Stand Collection by ChicoBag™! They are hosting a Produce Stand giveaway and will be selecting 10 winners to receive the new Produce Stand Collection. Contest ends June 4th 2010 so you better click here to enter to win!

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