Announcing my BlogHer 2010 Sponsor!

BlogHer was a far away dream just about a month ago. I thought it was way too late in the game to land a sponsor and without one, it’s a bit pricey. I had been talking about it with my super supportive hubby and one day he said… you can go. Even without a sponsor, you can go. EEEK! Okay, not that I needed his permission, but we share finances and this would be a big one. He loves that I love my blog and wanted me to be able to do something fun (and business-y at the same time).

I found someone selling a ticket (it’s sold out) and bought it. Then I thought about sponsors–might as well TRY, right? I put together a little guide with costs and sponsorship levels and thought about who I’d want to represent. I’m picky. I don’t want to be out there promoting Joe Blow (or Nestle, right?!). One company came to mind immediately. I’d worked with them in the past on a review/giveaway and not only were THEY wonderful, but I LOVE their products. I already recommend them to friends regularly and use the products myself.

I sent an email. We had some back and forth messages about the idea–it’s new to them and it’s new to me. Fingers (and toes) were crossed for a few weeks. And today it became final………. are you ready? Makers of a complete line of breastfeeding products…. Simplisse has offered me a full BlogHer sponsorship. (!!!!)

Simplisse: designed by women, for women. Their products were designed by lactation consultants and moms… new technology, more comfort, better for mom and baby. There’s so much I could say about this company. Their manual breast pump (electric coming out SOON!) uses compression technology instead of the suck-and-pump typically used and… my favorite part… has a soft “babyface” flexible breastcup! WHY DIDN’T SOMEONE THINK OF THIS SOONER?! Seriously. Why have we been using hard plastic breastcups? Devices that make us feel more like a cow than a miracle-milk-machine? The Simplisse pump is much more natural (and comfortable!) and emulates a suckling baby.

I also use their breast pads (yes, they work), breastmilk storage bags (BPA-free), breastmilk collection bottles, breast pump cleaning wipes, and lactation vitamins and minerals. Their nipple cream is the BEST, I just don’t need it anymore. I was in heaven when I switched to its silky smooth goodness from the thick, sticky stuff I was using before.

And that’s just some of what they offer… their complete line also has nipple wipes, HydroGel soothing pads, breast shells (I wish I had known these existed when I started breastfeeding!), nipple shields, and microwave steam sterilizer bags.

Okay, okay, besides their awesome products that I truly love, what makes Simplisse so great? I really believe they have the best interest of mom and baby at heart. They’ve taken everything a breastfeeding mom needs and redesigned it… made it better… more efficient and effective… more comfortable.

AND… (very important)… Simplisse is compliant with the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes (the WHO Code). Like I said, best interest of mom and baby at heart. From their website:

Simplisse, Inc. is an independently owned and operated, privately-held company that was founded in 2009 to create next-generation products for breastfeeding moms. The inspiration for Simplisse was the desire to support breastfeeding moms by enhancing their breastfeeding and milk expressing experiences. The team at Simplisse, including the lactation consultants, engineers, and moms who have helped us with research and product development, fully understand, support, and uphold the importance of breastfeeding and breastmilk. We are focused on helping moms achieve their breastfeeding goals through innovation.

Check them out. Find out where you can buy their products (includes Babies R Us!). Get some breastfeeding tips. And find me at BlogHer for lots of info and some Simplisse swag (ooOOoo!!) 🙂 I’m super excited and honored for this opportunity to promote and represent a company I really love.

((For full disclosure, Simplisse is offering me full sponsorship for BlogHer 2010 and in return I will be writing a few blog posts, sending out some tweets, advertising in my sidebar, representing them at the conference and handing out some SWAG! So make sure you come find me!))

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