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About three months ago, I wrote a post about working and breastfeeding (Why I pump at work: priorities). Well, we’re nearing the 7 month mark of exclusively breastfeeding. That’s right, Ryan hasn’t had any baby food or rice cereal yet. He’s not interested yet! But I also increased my hours at work recently and work 30 hours a week. So I pump.

I hate pumping. I hate being in the middle of a project at work and needing to take a 15 minute break to go pump. It’s boring and it’s a hassle. But it’s a priority. There isn’t any other way to say it–I do it for Ryan. As long as I can make milk and Ryan wants it, he is going to get it.

THANKFULLY, I work in a very friendly environment that makes this possible. I’ve heard horror stories from moms that have to go pump in their car at work or that don’t get a break that allows them to pump. If I’m super busy, I just shut my office door and pump right there while I keep working. Otherwise (and most often), I go to the break room and pump in the bathroom. I really have my pick of offices and rooms that I could pump in, but the bathroom off the kitchen is just easiest… I have a sink to clean pump parts, I can grab my lunch or a snack, and no one bothers me 😉 And? it’s usually the one time during my work day that I’m able to check twitter or call my hubby. So I guess it’s not that bad, haha.

When I first started back at work, I wasn’t pumping enough–Ryan was eating more while I was gone than I was able to pump. So I pumped at night after Ryan went to bed, too. Now? Ryan usually eats quite a bit less than I’m able to pump at work so we have been able to stock some up in the freezer! Thank goodness–I need to make sure I have enough while I’m gone at BlogHer!!! (which I’m attending thanks to my AWESOME sponsor: Simplisse Breastfeeding Products–how fitting, right?!) Speaking of Simplisse, I cannot wait until their new electric pump comes out so I can use that at work! Their manual pump has been wonderful to have at home for quick/night pumps.

Where do you pump at work? Do you ever have any issues with people/bosses that don’t understand or respect your needs? I hope it’s as easy for everyone else as it has been for me!


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