BlogHer10 to-do list

I’m a list maker. And BlogHer10 is coming up wayyyy too quickly. I felt like I had so much time but it’s just over one week away!!! AHhhhhhhhhhhhhh. And yea, I put things on my list I’ve already done just so I can cross them off. Your point?

~Purchase plane ticket Arrive in NYC at 2pm Thursday and leave at noon Sunday!
~Order laptop skin done yesterday with rush shipping 😉 from
~Order business cards in the process of ordering them RIGHT NOW!
~Order “I <3 @babydickey” buttons done, as of 5 minutes ago, also with rush shipping
~Figure out my schedule! I’ve made so many appointments and RSVP’d to one too many parties, I need to figure out where I’m going and where I’m sending my clone. (I wish!)
~Find things to wear (apparently clothing choice at BlogHer is a huge topic? I haven’t read any of these threads–yet–but need to figure out what I’m wearing to the evening parties!) This probably = shopping!
~Get a new website up and running (because it’s listed on my business cards)… it’s a surprise!
~PUMP LOTS OF MILK. I don’t have nearly enough yet to leave Ryan!
~Speaking of pumping… I need to stock up on Simplisse breastmilk storage bags to save my liquid gold while in NYC!!!
~Buy a case for my BRAND NEW NIKON D5000 camera!!! Yep. I’m in looooove.
~Buy a business card case or something handy like that.
~Actually sit down and read the massive BlogHer10 guide they sent out.

Okay… that doesn’t seem so bad, right? I have a week… during which I am also finishing up my position at my current job (yea, that’s more news!), preparing for my new job, catching up on 10 reviews I’m way behind on posting, and going to the Birthing Babes open house on Sunday in Lombard, IL. Okay, now the list sounds a littttttle worse.

Better get moving!

And let me again say THANK YOU to my amazing sponsor, Simplisse, for allowing me to even have this massive to-do list ;). They make a complete line of breastfeeding products that I absolutely love and they are the reason I am able to jump on a plane next week to have a 4-day business/vaycay/friend time/me time/no baby time trip 🙂

4 comments to BlogHer10 to-do list

  • Busy Busy Busy Girl you are! Cant wait for the new site. HEE HEE! Im sure you’ll get it all done. =D


  • omgosh where did you order buttons from?! I want some! I will totally rock an “I love @babydickey” button 🙂 yea… I need to figure out my sched too… SOOO much to do!


    babydickey Reply:

    haha, I got them from i had to search around for a good price with shipping that would get here before the conference! i got 100 of the 1.25″ size and with shipping it was $33.65 (Shipping is normally free but I paid like $6 to get here faster).. and then I had to send them a message telling them i had a “hard deadline” to be here no later than next wednesday – so they better get here! haha. You totally get one!!


  • I just got the D5000 too and love it! Don’t think I am bringing it though as it is heavy! It is nice to see you are local too (I live in Carol Stream)!


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