Cloth diapers and… cloth wipes?

Most of you know we’ve converted to cloth diapers almost 2 months ago now. We have been slowly growing our stash so have only been able to use cloth part-time… but we are nearing full-time!! Searching for cute diapers is addicting 🙂 I just ordered Ryan a pink one… 🙂

So in my quest to learn everything there is to know about cloth, I’ve decided we need to try cloth wipes as well. It’s all in or lose, right?! Mainly, it’s annoying to have a dirty cloth diaper that needs to go in the wet bag, but a dirty disposable wipe that needs to go in the trash. I want to throw it all in one place!

I asked awhile ago what brand of wipes were best… most people suggested we just use old fabric scraps or washcloths. Perfect! We have tons of baby washcloths – some really soft, fairly thin ones that we never use. (Future mamas out there – baby washcloths are unnecessary. Leave them off your registry! lol). Andddd just to try out some other kinds, I ordered some thirsties fab cloth wipes.

Here are my questions……..

I also ordered some Baby Bum Drops that you mix with hot water to make your own cloth wipe solution. I put it in a spray bottle because I heard some people say that when they put a cloth wipe solution into their wipes container, the wipes got moldy. Or the solution got nasty.

But using the spray bottle seems… hard? Like, how much am I supposed to spray?! First I sprayed it on the cloth and then wiped Ryan. It didn’t seem like enough. So the next time I changed him, I sprayed it directly on him. It still didn’t seem like enough. Am I supposed to sit there and spray this thing over and over and over and over? Am I missing something? Or maybe it’s a problem with the washcloths I’m using???

So: spray bottle or pouring it right into a wipes container? If spray bottle, how many sprays (man that seems like a dumb question)? Either way, how long does the solution last??? And how do you know if it has gone bad??

AND what do you do when you’re out of the house all day with the baby? I’m not going to bring a spray bottle with me. Cloth diapering became so easy and common sense once we finally started. I feel like cloth wipes will be the same way, but right now I feel so clueless! And I know hubby isn’t doing any better because when I went to change Ryan, our disposable wipes container was sitting on top of the cloth wipes I put in there. Haha.

THANK YOU for your suggestions and ideas!!!

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  • I would think if you used one of those travel wipes containers when you were out, you could put a few wipes that were soaked in wipe solution into that to take with you. I would soak them and then squeeze out the excess moisture so nothing will drip out of the travel wipes box into your diaper bag. Aim to have them as moist as the disposable wipes are. You could use a ziplock bag if you want to. I don’t think they will get moldy if you don’t moisten too many at a time.


    babydickey Reply:

    Yea that’s what I figured I would need to do… I just like the idea of using a spray bottle better than pouring the solution into a wipes container. So if I wanted to soak some to leave the house, it becomes more of a process rather than something I can quickly grab and run out the door. You know?


    Crunchy Nurse Reply:

    Maybe you can just soak some in the morning to use throughout the day, wring them out and put in a wipes box or ziplock bag. Just enough to last the day, then you know they won’t get moldy or whatever. Then if you need to go out, just grab a few of the presoaked wipes to take with you.


  • I have the same prob with the spray bottle. What I keep meaning to do is fill a wipes box with water and use that. I only use water right now, because all the solutions gave her a rash. But maybe you can keep a spray bottle of the more concentrated stuff. Then you could soak the wipes in water, spray some solution (one squirt) and get it done that way.

    And for outdoors I use disposable wipes.


  • I recycled a pump style baby soap bottle, and my wipes solution is mostly water with a small amount of witch hazel and a few drops of tea tree oil. I just pump it on a wipe a like 2 or 3 times and it gives me enough moisture to wipe with. I also use cheap washcloths from Dollar Tree for my wipes…you get a 4 pack for $1 so you can’t go wrong lol.


  • At home, I just wet a few wipes under the warm tap, and then squirt a pump of diluted Dr. Bronners liquid castile soap on the wipes. I have been doing this for years.

    When I am out and about I use disposable wipes, but I am thinking of just taking dry cloth wipes along and wetting them under the sink as well, and bringing a small squirter of wipes solution 🙂


  • we use the peri bottle from the hospital. I’m not so sure about clothes wipes, I have a bunch of FuzziBunz ones that we are going to use once we use the last of the disposable wipes. we also don’t have a wipe warmer so maybe I need one!


  • I find that cloth wipes are way easier because of the throw-everyting-in-one-container issue you mentioned, but I think people make it way harder by using wipes solutions. I just use water. At home I stop by the sink on the way to the changing table and wet them – I get them nice and wet then wring them out so they don’t drip. I keep a peri bottle in the diaper bag with plain water in it. Good luck! It is such a pain to use a disposable/cloth combo, WAY easier to just have one place to put everything.


  • Lisa

    At home and out and about, I use the California Baby diaper area wash or the Bumgenius bottom spray. Otherwise, I just wet a wipe in the sink in a pinch.


  • Katherine

    I use bamboo wipes that came with our Prince Lionheart warmer and we really like them! The bamboo is supposedly antimicrobial or something and I’ve never had a problem with mold, even when we leave wipes wet in the warmer for a couple days. I just use water as well and put a few in a wipes case to go out. Only 3-4 will fit so if I’m going to be gone all day, I’ll put a few more in a ziploc bag which works for daycare as well. Good luck!


  • Dana

    We use a home made wip solution. 2cups hot water, 2tsbp baby soap 1tbsp olive oil and 2 drops tea tree oil. Mix together and poor over wipes. I store my wipes in a old Huggies container. Then when we go out, I grab a few from there and store them in a travel container. I also, if I’m going to be out long. Will just grab my little bottle of BumGenuis Bottom Cleaner and dry wipes. Chances are, where I change baby there will be water near by, so I can soak the dry wipes. I’ve also carried some disposable wipes for in a pinch (dirty hands/faces, shopping carts…)
    We also just use the baby wash clothes for wipes… so much cheaper


  • Katie

    I’m in a similar situation – I only converted to cloth about 4 months ago. I also find that the spray bottle doesn’t seem to wet the wipes enough, so I only keep it in the diaper bag (because it doesn’t spill easily). At home, I either use one of my hospital peri-bottles or a little travel bottle with the same tip that they have on dishwashing liquid.

    As far as leaving wipes moist, I haven’t tried that myself. But I’ve heard it’s okay if you only leave them a day or two, then wash the wipes and wipe out the container. The tea tree oil that is in many wipes solutions is supposed to be antifungal/antibacterial and should also help protect against mustiness.


  • Heidi J

    I do something pretty simple, but it seems like no one else does. I leave my wipes dry, but have wipe solution in an old wipes container by the changing table. So, when I need to clean my DS up, I dip the wipe in the solution then squeeze the excess back in to the container and use. I tried using the peri bottle method and I either did get the wipe wet enough or I got it too wet and didn’t have anywhere to squeeze the excess out.

    I keep my solution sitting out and it usually takes several days before I run out and I’ve never had the water get funky. I think the funk is more of a problem if you keep your actual cloth wipes wet all the time, not just solution sitting in a container.


  • Heidi J

    Oh, and as for on the go wipe usage – I just keep disposables in the diaper bag and use those most of the time. I do have a few dry wipes in there to use if I’m changing him at a friends house in their bathroom or somewhere near a sink.


  • Beth

    Good ideas ladies.

    I have to say I just use a wipes warmer at home with water…tried the “solutions” out there and they all went funky within 24 hrs in the warmer. Just water works perfectly and the warmer holds just enough wipes for about a day. I also don’t pour water over the wipes (while in the warmer), I just soak them under the tap and place them in once their wet…no worries yet!

    For going out, I LOVE my PlanetWise mini wetbag. It’s the smallest size they make and it fits folded cloth wipes perfectly. I premoisten them on my way out the door in above fashion or just grab some from the warmer and toss into the bag. I’ve tried the spray bottles and never felt like the cloth was wet enough. I’m interested in the peri-bottle idea though. Seems like it would work the best with dry wipes in the bag – thanks for the ideas!!


  • Carol

    I make a solution of 2cups water, a few drops tea tree oil and a tablespoon of vinegar. I pour that over my wipes in a plastic tub. I use this until empty and repeat. I have a bout 1 weeks worth of wipes that I made from various fabric scraps.

    I use disposable wipes when I am out shopping etc.


  • Cristina

    I don’t use wipe solution… I use his body wash. If it doesn’t give him a rash when you wash his body it won’t on the bum. I just pour a little in the sprayer. I spray as much as I feel I need. I have been diapering for 7 years. I feel somewhat of an expert.. hehe. Also I use flannel recieving blankets and cut those up to make wipes. And if you want to travel with them I would get a pul snack bag off etsy. Soak some wipes and call it a day… no need to have all the extras


  • I found this tutorial helpful:

    Never had a problem with mustiness; I go through the wipes in a couple of days, so there isn’t really time for them to get gross.


  • Bobbi Janay

    I haven’t read the other comments but all we use is water. We wet our wipes throw them in the warmer and go. We don’t roll them anymore either. You go through them so fast it isn’t worth the time to roll them. And the insert at the bottom of the warmer if you are using the lionheart one doesn’t need to be replaced as often as they say.


  • Kim

    We just use water. It works great. When I travel, I just wet about 6 of my homemade flannel wipes under the tap, wring them out and fold them in half so they fit in my travel wipes case.


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