Cora in the Classroom

You probably know by now (I hope) all about Cora. I think about her every day and write about her often. I give my students extra credit for participating on the 30th of each month in Wear Pink for Cora day. I wrote about the stories I heard and the pink I saw after August 30th. Well, another month has gone by and another of Cora’s birthdays has been celebrated. I collected the stories from my students again…….

Many wore pink. Many spread the word to family members or even friends of friends they knew were pregnant. Students had their siblings or their children wear pink. There’s a student with hair dyed pink. I love the stories each month and look forward to reading what the students did. Leaves were raked for elderly neighbors, money was left in pop machines, doors were held open, homes were opened to families in need. Lunch was bought for a homeless man, nails were painted at a nursing home, donations were made. I’m always in awe, always impressed, by the outpouring of kindness and caring.

This week I was teaching about the cardiovascular system. We talked about heart murmurs and I stopped to spend some time on congenital heart defects. I spoke about Cora and her parents. I spoke about the pulse oximetry test and told them about how I got Ryan tested. I told them it’s not a test routinely done at birth on newborns (although the mothers are constantly checked). So I told them to ask for it. What if they say no? some students asked. It’s your baby, they are working for you, you are paying them. If they say no, you say YES. One student said his mom’s friend just had a baby the day before and he was going to call his mom right after class to tell her to have the baby tested.

Cora in the Classroom Statistics:

Number of students I have: 130
Assuming only half participate each month: 65 a month (times the 4 months I have them in my class =  260 total).
Assuming each month they only tell one new person about CHD =  520 people that now know about CHD

The number of people I know for a fact that have requested pulse ox tests because of this class: 3 so far (more to come of the currently pregnant ones)

Cora saves lives.

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