The little man’s Christmas presents

A couple people have asked me what Ryan is getting for Christmas… they have children near Ryan’s age and are looking for some ideas! I have LOTS. Mainly because Ryan’s birthday is only 2 days after Christmas so we’ve been doing a lot of shopping. So have the grandparents πŸ˜‰ I’ll post the ideas here, whether we actually end up getting them for Ryan or not, this is what I’d like to get him… or what I know his grandparents are getting him!

First up, we’re definitely getting him a Radio Flyer Wagon. Not one of those crazy, fancy new (plastic) things, but the good old fashioned (classic) wood town & country. We had one when I was a kid!

Now there are two different Laugh & Learn products I’m trying to decide between for his birthday. Help me pick?!?! Either the Learning Kitchen OR the Learning Home…?!?!

We also got him some Foam Blocks–I loved those when I was a kid. They’re the perfect buy because they can be used in the bathtub too. The foam sticks to the shower walls/tub when wet.

His birthday theme is Monsters so we have lots of random Monster stuff as presents… stuffed animals, the Melissa & Doug Monster Bowling, the Alex Toys match & stack blocks… and I had to have one of those pictures frames that holds a photo for each month of their first year. I found the perfect one at Red Envelope, but it’s expensive ($65) so I justified it by calling it one of his birthday presents — and by using a Red Envelope coupon code πŸ˜‰

So on to the grandparents. BOTH sets got Ryan a laptop, haha. He’s always after ours and loves to hit the buttons. My parents got him the LeapFrog My Own Leaptop and Steve’s parents got him one he’ll use as he’s older too–the VTech Laptop.

My parents got him this RockABye Rocking Fergie Frog:

Steve’s parents are getting him this KETTLER Exclusive Limited Edition Navigator Trike:

And something like this Treehouse (not sure the exact one they got him):

Oh, almost forgot–this is another thing I want to get him… a Wooden Activity Cube (or “discovery box”):

And some other little things like… a xylophone, a basketball/hoop bath toy, possibly a picnic table… I also won a set of 7 Boynton books from eBay. I know this all sounds like a LOT of stuff, but remember it’s for Christmas AND his first birthday and these things are coming from us and BOTH sets of grandparents. Also, one of those items I said I wanted to get will probably be given to Ryan from my grandma.

It’s just too much fun to buy for him! What are you getting your little one???

**EDIT** My mom just ordered a couple more things for him:

This Little Tikes EasyAdjust Play Table:

And the Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set:

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