Our weekend away!

A few weeks ago Steve and I went away for the weekend. We left early Saturday morning and drove to Lake Geneva where we spent the night at the lovely Grand Geneva and came home on Sunday. I think it was our first time away together since Ryan was born (of course I went away in August to BlogHer in NYC, but not with Steve). It was much needed! We relaxed and tried not to talk about Ryan the whole time (but of course we did).

We ate breakfast when we got there and then went to rent a Scoot Coupe. Yea. We played like children 😉

Thank goodness they gave me a pink girly helmet, otherwise I would have looked silly!

We drove around for an hour and a half… Steve drove most of the time, he didn’t want to give it up! We went through town and honked at people, drove along the lake, and found a really pretty scenic drive.

Now let’s see it in action… this is the parking lot where we switched drivers. Steve took it for a spin first and then you get to see Steve in total nerd mode at the end. Love him 😉

And now my turn to drive!

After that we walked around town and did some shopping. We went to the hotel with every intention of going out somewhere for dinner, but we enjoyed relaxing in the hotel room so much, that we ended up staying in. We had champagne and chocolate covered strawberries… we watched some TV (which was a treat because at home we don’t have cable)… and then we finally went down to one of the hotel bars and ordered some appetizers and drinks. It was nice, just the two of us, but we definitely talked about Ryan the majority of the time and missed the little guy 🙂

I mean… who wouldn’t miss this?!

(note: he’s wearing a shirt that says “I’m a little monster” ;))

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