The first sickness and one tired mama

Just days before turning 11 months old, Ryan finally got sick–for the first time. He stayed over at Steve’s parents’ on Wednesday night and when I held Ryan on Thursday morning, I instantly commented on how warm he was. We took his temp and it was 99.7. He was doing alright until we sat down to eat (of course). He lasted about 3 minutes and didn’t want to eat anything… we took his temp again and it was near 102. I sent Steve to the store for some infant tylenol.

The fever stuck around until tonight.. that’s nearly 3 days. I’ve never seen Ry so miserable and so sleepy! The tylenol kept the fever down around 101 and we didn’t give it too often. I took him to the pediatrician this morning and he checked out just fine, so we waited it out. The fever finally broke tonight, whoo!!

But…. the constant neediness the last 3 days (and only mommy would do!) has worn me out. If you don’t have kids? This:

I needed alone time… ME time… today, for my general sanity, and how did I get it? I shut  myself in the bathroom for one minute. Today, I got ONE minute of peace and I had to get it by sitting on the toilet and the entire minute my baby sat outside the door and cried. If he hadn’t been, I may have taken an extra minute.

A couple days ago I was feeling really BLAH and sad and all I wanted to do was curl up on the couch and watch a movie. Ya know, one of those days. And it kind of hit me–I can’t. I just don’t get to. At least, not until Ryan wants to watch a movie with me. So instead I push on.

Ryan has been attached to my hip (or breast, ya know) for the last 3 days and I haven’t been able to do a thing. We missed Thanksgiving with Steve’s family, I haven’t worked on my class–I was supposed to enter exam scores online and haven’t even picked them up. I need to work on creating the final–it’s only 2 weeks away!!!–and writing lecture. AND the house was a disaster. And Steve had to work this weekend. But when baby is sick and needs his mama, that’s what I need to be doing. So everything else must wait.

Wah wah wah, I know. Thanks for letting me whine. As tired as I am and as much as I now have to get done tomorrow (assuming Ryan is finally feeling better), I love Ryan and would do anything for him! And without my massive to-do list on my mind, I really enjoyed his neediness–him resting his head on my shoulder and sleeping on top of me all curled up in a ball… awwwwwww, so sweet!

“A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for.” – Author Unknown

2 comments to The first sickness and one tired mama

  • Lucky … my kid’s not even eight months and been sick three times now. Generally minor (a stuffy nose and a bit of fever), but still. The worst is when we’re BOTH sick. He demands constant holding and bouncing … but all I want is to pull the covers over my head and sleep!

    My advice is to just crawl into bed with the baby, if he’ll let you, and snooze with him till he feels better. Everything else can be done LATER. People will understand. If they don’t, explain it to them so that next time they understand that a mom puts her kid first, end of discussion.


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