Making milestones?

I’m stealing this lovely idea from Crunchy VT Mommy (who also stole the idea from someone else… we’re all just a bunch of thieves! has milestone charts where you can check monthly milestones to see if your child is on track. I don’t really care because I think Ryan is just peachy 😉 but I thought it’d be fun to do.

SO – my big boy is now 12 MONTHS OLD!!!! And here is what babycenter claims:

Mastered Skills (most kids can do):
-imitate others’ activities
-indicates wants with gestures

Ryan definitely imitates activities. Anything remotely shaped or sized like a phone gets put to his ear and he starts jabbering away. He puts my hair brush to his head… the other day he managed to get my toothbrush and he also but that to his head (like he was combing his hair). He loves doing “Soooo Big!” and will imitate faces too.

But I’m afraid we’re behind on the second task. He doesn’t really gesture… he definitely doesn’t point… he might lean toward something or put him arm out in the general direction and whine. That’s about as far as we get with that one!

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do):
-takes a few steps
-says one word besides “mama” and “dada”

Ohhh yea, we got these down! Ryan is practically running these days. He has been walking (or taking steps) for a month now, I think. And mama and dada are his main words, but once in awhile you can get him to say “cat” or “kitty cat,” which comes out a little more like “kkki kkaa.”

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do):
-walks alone
-scribbles with a crayon
-says two words besides “mama” and “dada”

Yep, he walks alone!

Ummm… a crayon?!?! Now I feel guilty because we haven’t even tried! I kind of picture that as more of an EATING CRAYONS event, than a DRAWING WITH CRAYONS event. Anyone?

And no, we’re not there on 4 words total yet. Ryan speaks Russian, I swear, so I’m not sure what words he’s saying 😉 He sure tries hard though!

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