Decorating a Monster-Themed Birthday Party!

On Sunday (Jan. 2nd), we had over some friends and family for Ryan’s big birthday… a monster-themed birthday party for a monster lil boy! 🙂 It was a lot of fun…. but a ton of work. I’m relieved it’s over, but it’s bittersweet… can’t believe my baby is ONE! I have *so many* pictures from the party, this post is just going to focus on the decorations. I’ll follow up with another that has pictures of Ryan and his cake and presents and all the guests 🙂

Monster-Themed Birthday Party

Monster Cupcakes! In red, blue, yellow and green and decorated with monster faces and toppers. I had them made at a local bakery.

monster-themed birthday party

Ryan’s smasher cake! It was a 6″ cake just for Ryan–also from the local bakery.

monster-themed birthday party

My little monster!

monster-themed birthday party

For food we had Monster Toes (pigs in a blanket), Monster Fingers (chicken fingers), Monster Eyes (meatballs), Monster Munch (trail mix), popcorn with monster hands in the bowl, carrots and dip with a carrot monster hand in the dip, chips and dip, punch (with a hand-shaped ice mold) and of course, the cupcakes!

monster-themed birthday partymonster-themed birthday partymonster-themed birthday partymonster-themed birthday party

Ryan’s own little corner was decorated and waiting for him for cake smashing time! A birthday crown (he refused to wear) and a safety sheet (plastic tablecloth) to protect our carpet, haha.

monster-themed birthday party

Birthday balloons and monster footprints (cut from green poster board) greeted guests by the front door.

monster-themed birthday party

Punch (hawaiian punch, 7-up and pineapple juice with orange sherbet) complete with a hand-shaped ice mold! Yellow and green cups were decorated with sticky wiggly eyes of different sizes and straws had cute monster tags on them.

monster-themed birthday party

I hung a banner of Ryan’s monthly chair pictures!

monster-themed birthday party

And finally… a cute Monster-themed birthday party banner that was hung above his highchair.

monster-themed birthday party

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