Ryan’s 1st birthday party!

Ryan did so well at his party. After his meltdown at Christmas with all the people, I was worried he’d be the same for his birthday. There were about 30 people there and he was AWESOME. He was a show off. He loved the attention, he ate it all up. He didn’t get too into the cake, I wish he would have smashed it to pieces! It was like he didn’t want his hands dirty. He kept sticking one thumb in the cake so I took his other hand and shoved it in the cake–I made him cry, haha. But only for a second and then he was back inspecting the cake. Once I fed him a piece he was a bit more interested… in having me feed him more [not getting into it himself]!

Toys everywhere! Christmas and then his birthday…. toys toys and more toys!

In this picture above, Ryan was doing the “SOOO BIG!” thing, but for the first time I’ve ever seen, he lifted his legs in the air too! Hilarious! [Yes, he even has on monster socks.]

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