Journey to a VBAC: stories

At the end of last year I posted my to-do list before I get pregnant again and attempt a VBAC–and also some of my fears. Well, the new year is here and I need to make some progress.

 I decided to start by hearing stories.

I’ve asked some other bloggers who’ve had (or attempted) VBACs to guest post on my blog… each one has a different story and each one gives me hope. I’m learning from them and arming myself with knowledge is a huge part of getting ready for my next pregnancy.

I will start posting these next week so please show them some love by visiting their blogs and learning more about them. I really appreciate them taking time to write a post for my blog.

*If you had or attempted a VBAC [or even if you’re considering one] and you’re interested in guest posting here as well, please email me at erdickey at gmail dot com.*

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