My [short] stint as a SAHM [stay at home mom]

I went back to work 6 weeks after Ryan was born. I quit when he was 7 months old and started a new job immediately after. But something that’s more than a little awesome? I teach [college] so I have a super long winter break…. about 5 weeks off! Granted, my winter “break” was jam packed with activities, but I was absolutely a SAHM for a month.

It was tough, not gonna lie.

It was so easy to get stuck in a rut–I blame this nasty cold thing we call winter–but my energy to actually get up and out of the house came in waves. I think I only showered every other day and those were the days I’d clean and get errands done. The other days? Pajamas until it was time to go to sleep again, spending the day on the floor with Ryan, eating cereal for dinner.

What else did we do? Ryan turned ONE! We went sledding, celebrated Christmas, went to Wisc for New Year’s Eve, had a big birthday party for Ryan, I threw a baby shower for friends, and my sister-in-law got married! Every single weekend of my break was booked AND I knew I was returning to work with a new class to teach, which meant preparing all new material. But I also tried out new dinner recipes, I went shopping, I got my nails done…. so, yea it was busy, but it was also nice.

Nice is the best word I could come up with. I was glad to get back to work. I only work outside the home about 15 hours a week (lots more work hours put in, but from home) and I think that’s the perfect mix. It gives me a “break” from home, it gets me up and motivated every day. Being a SAHM was hard! I think I drank more coffee and earned more gray hairs during that month off than as a WOHM (work out of the home mom).

But what else doesn’t make sense? Now I CAN’T WAIT for summer when I have 3 months off to spend with Ryan–bring on the coffee (iced, please) because this faux-SAHM has lots of summer mommy & me plans!

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