It’s a baby in a tux!

I knew that’d get your attention.. there isn’t much cuter than a baby in a tux! Steve’s sister got married on January 15th and we were both in the wedding. Ryan was supposed to be a ring bearer, but at the rehearsal dinner we tried to get him to walk down the aisle and he just plopped down and cried about it, haha. Steve and I even tried standing at the end of the aisle calling his name where he could see us, but nope! He was NOT having it!

But he already had the tux for the job, so why not.


This was after the ceremony–hmmm, what did Ryan want? Haha.

Ryan kept insisting on running away from us at the reception during dinner and it was the cutest thing. He waddled all over that dance floor and then took off through the crowd.

((the morning after))

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