Pick Me Up Monday

Someone has a case of the Mondays! That’d be me, every week. I figure others are attacked by this terrible day of the week as well, so I’m starting a Pick Me Up Monday meme! The idea is to post a picture (or a story?) of something that will hopefully make others happy and smile. Something cute or beautiful or funny.

Feel free to copy the button to your post and leave a comment here so I can be sure to check out your Pick Me Up Monday post too–I need a smile! 🙂

And my photo for today…. is my two babies–my cats! They are brother and sister, found on the side of the road and rescued. I’d guess they’re part Maine Coon because they’re HUGE, nearly 20 pounds each. This picture is from long ago (about 3.5 years ago) when they were still itty bitty, awww. The black one (also seen in the meme button above) is named Aasa (Aw-suh) and the orange one is her brother, named Oscar.

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