What will your kid grow up to be?

Sure, I think about it sometimes… what will Ryan grow up to be? A science nerd like his mom and dad? A rock star? A teacher? Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter… of course we’ll always support Ryan’s decisions and what he wants to do with his life!

This morning I got an email from thebump.com about a quiz on their site: What will your baby grow up to be? Of course I had to take it, just for fun!

Based on the questions, it was pretty clear what the answer was going to be… the answers were based on 4 ideas: music, politics, sports or… money-making! But they threw in a couple randoms: favorite wild animal? favorite barn yard animal? So those turned out to be more of MY preference… I went with a T-Rex (duh) and a Horse.

And the result? Was a complete surprise……….

An olympian?! Not that there’s anything wrong with that…. but I didn’t pick one single answer about sports. So I wonder how they came up with this?! Maybe they’re psychic… and they knew that Steve played football and baseball… and I ran track and played tennis. ?!?!?! So what sport will Ryan play? What’s he going to the Olympics for?! NOW I MUST KNOW!

Thank you, thebump.com, for wasting my morning 😉

Did you take the quiz? What is your kid going to be? I want to know what else this quiz comes up with!!



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