Trying something new: skydiving

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Jumping out of an airplane has probably been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It all started the second I decided to try something new.

In 2006 I spent a month traveling through Australia and 2 weeks around the south island of New Zealand. One day, enjoying the beautiful scenery on the bus, our driver announced the next town had a skydiving opportunity…. BUT, the catch was, we had to let him know if we wanted to go RIGHT THAT SECOND.

I looked over at my friend and we smiled. “Let’s do it!” Talk about impulsive. We ran up to the bus driver and said call it in! We’re jumping! I think on the 10 second walk back to our seats reality set it. What did we just sign up for?!

And the worst part? The jump wasn’t until morning. We went to our hostel for the night and I remember calling my mom… “I’m jumping out of a plane tomorrow… love you!!!”

A van picked us up at 6am–just in time for sunrise. We arrived at the hanger and they immediately put us in jumpsuits and put us on the plane. “Oh we’ll tell you about it on the way up!” Ahhh, these New Zealanders and their relaxed attitude! I heard stories from friends jumping in the US about the videos and lessons you take before going up!

I was given one instruction–and one instruction only. Don’t kick. My tandem professional said I was small enough to not really cause any problems (with spinning, etc.) so he just warned me not to kick him (ya know where my feet would end up? With him attached to my back? yea. there.)

Well I paid for a video of my jump and ya know what the first few seconds of the free fall show? My little legs KICKING AWAY like I’m running for my life, hahaha.

Anyway, it was incredible. Right before jumping, my tandem dude said “I’m going to hang you out the door first for some pictures.” You’re going to… do WHAT?! But it wasn’t as crazy as you’d think. Then we fell and it was COLD (winter in New Zealand). It felt like someone threw a bucket of ice water on me… I opened my mouth to scream bloody murder but we were falling so quickly, the air just rushed in my mouth and no sound came out.

After free-falling for a few seconds, we opened the parachute and had a very calm, relaxing and GORGEOUS 5-minute fall to Earth while the sun was rising. Indescribable.

Have you ever been? Or tried something new and amazing?

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