Wait…did we just drug Ryan to sleep?

Ryan has been sick all week with a cold, but yesterday was probably the worst it has been so far. He was throwing fits all day and needed to be held by Steve or breastfed by me constantly. His fever (100.5 for two days a week ago) is gone and his appetite is recovering, so I don’t know if we’re looking at a trip to the doctor today or if he is just acting out in frustration due to his runny nose and lack of energy.

So…about that drugging thing… I think it will be easiest for the prosecutor if I put this in list format:

  • Steve drew a bath for Ryan. We had some organic aroma therapy bath stuff that said to add 3 cap fulls, Steve poured in half the bottle. After his bath Ryan looked like a punch drunk fighter (I suspect he was just exhausted, but the bathroom still smells like that stuff today!)
  • After his bath Steve rubbed some EMAB nipple butter around Ryan’s mouth and under his nose to relieve some of the dry skin and pain from the constant runny nose (why nipple butter? I’m sure Steve could come up with some reason, but it actually worked pretty well)
  • Next, we rubbed a nice amount of little remedies vapor rub around his chest
  • After that, we rubbed EMAB lotion on him. That’s a normal post-bath procedure, but when combined with the other products it may or may not turn Ryan into a ninja turtle
  • Then (I’m running out of sequence connectors <–thanks ask.com) we held him down and blasted saline drops up his nose, nearly drowning him
  • Finally, we just received some organic cough suppressant in the mail so we decided to give him 0.5 ml of that (that was actually the recommended dosage)

And the result… Ryan slept great for the first time in 4 nights and so far is feeling better this morning. I may have over-exaggerated a little bit here, but this is the first time we’ve ever really given Ryan any medication. I think he’s had Tylenol once before when he was getting 4 teeth in simultaneously. We’ve been really lucky with him healthwise so far.

What about you? Have you “drugged” up your kid yet?

cranky boy, couldn’t have the TV remote!

13 comments to Wait…did we just drug Ryan to sleep?

  • Never fun when a child is ill, and you have to medicate. However this will happen again, Em. At the moment our Otto is having a severe cold, fever and a very nasty cough. Nose is running, eyes are red… It’s the season, I’m afraid. I hope Ryan gets better soon.



  • I laughed out loud at the saline thing…

    was it you who also posted about him falling off bed when you had him in burrito a long time ago?


    babydickey Reply:

    hahaha yes that was me too, my poor kid!


  • Oh that’s NOTHING lol you hardly drugged him. Once we drugged my sister on accident we gave her medicine and she still wasn’t feeling well and for some really weird reason we forgot that we had already given her medicine and gave her another dose. We had to call poison control and everything, she was fine though!

    Masons been sick too do you think they gave it to each other 😉


  • Yes, we are just getting home from almost two days in the hospital with Moo. Glad to be home and we have been strict in instructions to keep her well drugged and comfortable. I don’t really like giving her meds and always try to allow non serious things to clear up naturally. In this day and age some drugs do more harm than good.

    However, we are desperate for a good night’s sleep. So I will give in and keep her comfortable with her meds per the specialist’s orders.


    babydickey Reply:

    Omgosh, what happened? Is she okay? Glad you guys are home now, get some rest!


  • I avoided meds as much as possible, but my bro and SIL were constantly giving their children meds, “to help them sleep.” I was in shock when they mentioned that whenever their kids were fussy at night, they gave them meds. Their rebuttal was, “well, sometimes they cry themselves into a headache.”

    I remembered that, so, in desperate times of obvious discomfort of some sort that is not soothed by non-medicinal methods, I’ve given my children no more than the recommended dosage of infant tylenol. I always inwardly panic, though. “What if they have a reaction THIS time?!” “What if they really don’t need it?”

    There’s an episode of All Creatures Great and Small where a sheep is ill and James tries putting it to sleep. He’s in a hurry since he’s sneaking the dosage and doesn’t give enough to kill the sheep. Instead, the sheep was in a coma for a couple of days and wakes up quite well. The sheep just needed the time of rest and no stress to heal. In principle (no, I’m not advocating we drug our children senseless!) the same can apply to medicating our children appropriately. If it relieves some of the suffering, and especially helps them sleep, it can help them heal on their own.


  • Poor little guy! I hope he is feeling better today. Drugs? Um yep! When P is really suffering with teeth I R-U-N to the Tylenol. It is too hard watching him suffer. So far we have been lucky with C but she is teething early so we will see. Good luck xo


  • Colleen Hughes

    WOW… thats alot for a little guy! poor baby!! i hope he feels better soon!!!!!!


  • That’s not drugging – that caring for! Although, it did seem like every time my daughter was getting really cranky/difficult it was time for her shots – than she was perfect again 😛


  • Sara

    I understand the hesitation. I don’t think you’ve drugged your child!!


  • The boys have had Tylenol, but not very often- even when they have a fever I try to get it down some other way first. Never any cold medicine. I do love my Hyland’s teething tabs for the really bad nights. I still have a bottle kicking around with about a dozen left in there. Again, we use them very infrequently- like once a teething cycle so I’m not too worried about them being recalled.


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