Ladies Man: want to know the secret?

What?! It’s already time for Pick Me Up Monday?! Shutup. Where did last week go? Ohhh yes, I spent it on the couch sick, mouth breathing and coughing if I tried to laugh.

Thank goodness for these pictures to cheer me up. Share your Pick Me Up Monday post and link up below!

Awhile ago we took Ryan to Monkey Joes–a place with a bunch of bounce houses. As soon as we got there, Ryan was cornered by two lovely little women. Can you say Ladies Man?!

So what do you do in this situation… cornered by two cute girls, nowhere to run, nothing to say….. here’s what my little ladies man did:

He just stuck that little finger right up his nose! I think the girls quickly went on their way. That’s my boy đŸ˜‰ Happy Monday!!!

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