NCAA Themed Office Party

This year for March Madness I wanted to do something fun down at the office. I was reading in an article that companies lose about $4 billion during the NCAA tournament due to lost productivity. If it’s going to happen, why not make it a fun experience? As you know I work for my Father in law and pretty much my husband’s whole family works at the small, family run business. There’s no way they could say no to me, especially when they saw what I had planned and how little it would cost!

So, I admit I am not a huge sports fan and don’t know anything about basketball (and I don’t cook), so I needed some help. About a month ago I was watching the Today Show and I saw these two women on there with a company that creates party plans for different occasions. I really liked what they did with their super bowl party kit: everything looked easy and inexpensive (my two favorite things!). I decided to find them. Their company is called “Party Bluprints” and sure enough they had a blueprint all ready to go for an NCAA party (home and office!).

The Whoopie Pies are so cute. They have the traditional basketball colors, black and orange, and are stuffed with CREAM CHEESE FROSTING, my favorite! They are basically two mini pieces of flat cake, stuffed with frosting. The super easy recipe was included in the bluprint as well as some other great ideas. I had never seen these Pop Up Bowls by Orville Redenbacher’s. The bluprint had the cutest idea to attach a ticket to the party and hand out the bag of popcorn as an invitation!

I made Steve bring Ryan with me to the office for the party. He helped me hand out the tickets. We started with my Father-in-law, Kurt, the boss! Ryan wanted a kiss for his efforts!

We then moved on to Brian. He got really excited, although I’m not sure it was genuine…

Next up was Kate. Ryan is working so hard!

At this point Ryan started to look pretty tired, we better head to the party so he can get some food and recharge!

For a little game, we had everyone fill out brackets. Whoever gets the most games right, wins. The winner gets a package of Orville Redenbacher’s Pop Up Bowls as a prize, gets to leave an hour early on two Fridays of their choice and gets Kurt’s parking spot for a week (haha)! Look at all that food, yum!

Brian was too lazy to walk down to the break room, so we brought him his popcorn and Whoopie Pie to his desk and waited while he filled out his bracket. The Pop Up Bowls were awesome. They took just as long to cook as any bag of popcorn, but instead of digging into a bag they sit in a bowl shape that is perfect for snacking. They are a great snack to have at the office!

The party was a hit and I can’t wait to see who gets Kurt’s parking spot for a week, haha. I will definitely check out the Party Bluprints again as they had everything I needed: cute game ideas, food ideas and didn’t require a lot of time and money.

*I was compensated by Collective Bias to write this post, but this party and all the work it took was all me!

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