ICAN2011 conference love

I don’t even know where to start! The conference was amazing. I’m not sure that I went with any expectations… because I had no idea what to expect!… but I thought I’d learn some things to take back to the rest of our chapter. Wow, I learned SO MUCH more. In addition to learning about great studies and stats and facts, I learned about the healing process (and that I’m not done) and what’s coming next for me. I learned how to be a better and more active leader and how to help others. I learned a lot about myself.

I also met amazing women. Some new, but many that I know from twitter. We joked all weekend about how we all needed huge name tags with our twitter names! I’d have no clue who someone was until they mentioned their twitter name, haha. So exciting to put faces with names! Many of these women were around after my cesarean and were (and still are) so supportive and helpful. I felt like I was meeting some real-life heroes.

I could probably write like 15 posts about this conference… so I’ll get to session recaps, stats, etc later on. Right now I want to focus on the wonderful women I met! **Apart from the great ladies below, I also met Henci Goer and Pam England. They both spoke at the conference and I will have MUCH more to say about them in another post.

Me and @RobinPregnancy

Me and @BirthingKristen

Me, @birthingkristen, @bbybirthingmama, @deepsouthdoula, @ethologicalmom, and @theDOdoula

Me and @deepsouthdoula

Me and Desiree (ICAN pres!) @preparing4birth

Me and @Unnecesarean



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