Easter?! Yea, it’s way-back-Wednesday!

Okay, it’s not that far back, but I’m pretty late on this post. Ryan’s second Easter!!! And one he could enjoy because last year he was just an itty bitty little baby boy:

This year, we woke up to find lots of goodies from the Easter Bunny!

I’d say he’s a spoiled little boy! The white basket in the middle was his basket last year–I wanted to use the same one every year but I think I may need to upgrade already to a larger one, haha. It has his giant Easter egg in it (with a letter from the Easter Bunny in it), a bunny plate and sippy cup, an Easter cup, sidewalk chalk shaped like eggs and some soft foam balls for the bathtub/pool. On the left he has some water toys and on the right is another plate and some washcloths (exciting, I know!) and his monkey basket that he used to find the hidden eggs!

Ryan notices everything new or something put in a different place than normal. So when he spotted the first egg (that I didn’t even show him), he pointed and did his usual UHHH! sound. Then he saw another. And another. It was hilarious and so so so cute (says MOM, I know, haha). I followed him around the house as he discovered eggs and ate some candy while Daddy made us breakfast 😉

His first egg! He found it on the window ledge by the front door and shortly after, found the chocolate inside!

Yea, look at that cute little butt!!!!!

Then we got ready and went to Steve’s grandma’s house where his family was meeting for Easter brunch and they had an egg hunt for the little ones. Steve has 2 little girl cousins and they were SO NICE–leaving eggs for Ryan and letting him find them–and they even had money in them 😉 COLLEGE FUND! haha.

His stash!

Thennnnnnnn, we went to MY family’s Easter brunch. Lots-o-pictures!

I hope everyone had a great Easter! (Ya know, like 3 weeks ago, haha).


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