Happy anniversary!

I don’t know if I’ve ever written about how Steve and I met. We were in our junior year of high school, but we went to different schools. We went to the same youth group every Wednesday night, each with our own group of friends. One day, I get an email from him… he told me that I was beautiful and he wanted to get to know me. Then at the end he put “PS. cute feet.”

I had NO IDEA who he was. Steve? Steve who?! We didn’t start dating for another 9 months, at least.

And now here we are 😉

Yesterday, May 17th, was our 3-year wedding anniversary! Wow, time flies. We have been together though for… 8.5 years… so I guess 3 doesn’t seem like that long, haha. I was surprised by a delivery of some beautiful flowers, a balloon, and Fannie May chocolates (yummmmmmmmmmm).

I made Steve one of our favorites for dinner: white pizza. It’s sooo good, recipe to come soon! And we had some champagne and dessert (brownies with cookie dough ice cream).

(before going in the oven!)

You can’t get too eventful on a Tuesday, especially with a toddler at home. So we’re REALLY celebrating this weekend. We’ll be leaving Saturday morning for Shannon, IL (i.e. Middle Of Nowhere, IL) where I found a nice little cabin by googling around. It’s called Hickory Hideaway. There’s a winery nearby so we’ll be going there first before spending the rest of the day (and night) in peace… in the middle of nowhere… in our cabin with a jacuzzi 🙂 And no, Ryan won’t be joining us, he’ll be staying with my parents for the night!

Happy Anniversary, Baby! Love you!


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