Ryan’s first haircut!

Ryan’s hair was getting pretty long. I could pull the back into a mini-ponytail and the front was almost to his eyes. I couldn’t bring myself to cut it because…. that’s a big deal! He’s my baby and babies don’t need hair cuts, right?! Haha, ridiculous I know. But it IS a big deal!

Ryan’s hair is thin and fine (like his mama’s!) and it hasn’t fully grown in at the front. So add that with the length and it was starting to look a little funny. For example:

Soooooooooo, ready to see the NEW RYAN?!

You can see it’s still a little “long” on the sides, over his ears. But the front is trimmed and so is the back–no more little ponytail, haha. He’s such a cutie! And YES, I saved his hair from his first haircut 😉

At what age did your kids have their first haircut? Did you save it?!

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