How to make a "Nature Hike" book

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! We spent it at the lakehouse up north and I took advantage of the great surroundings to take Ryan on a nature hike and pick out some fun things to make a type of memory book. The lakehouse will always be a special place for our family so it’s nice to make a book for him that can remind him of it when we aren’t there! ((Sorry for the picture quality, I was using my iPhone!))

We went on our nature hike after a nice rain and Ryan was really only interested in picking up sticks, haha. But we searched around and found lots of flowers and grasses and leaves. We collected our nature and went inside to make our book.

First, I let Ryan free with washable markers and construction paper. I was using the construction paper as the colorful pages of our book and thought it’d be a nice personal touch if Ryan colored all over them! He got just about as much marker on his knees and feet as he did on the pages 🙂

Then we cut the construction paper in half and I used pieces that were colored on. I let Ryan place the nature items we collected on (or at close to haha) each page and then I glued them on for him. Using the glue pen was really easy and Ryan got to help me hold it.

The picture above is our cover (the glue dried clear) and the pictures below are the pages:

I think I’m going to add the pictures I took of us on our nature hike to some of the spaces on these pages–or add some more pages at the end. That will be cute! We had a lot of fun making it. Ryan did a great job, right?! This is pretty much his first keepsake art project! I had to learn to sit back and let Ryan take over and do what he wanted to do–instead of making the book the way *I* wanted to make it lol. And that makes the book even better–it’s all Ryan’s!

*Paper for the pages (I used construction paper)
*Markers or crayons to decorate the pages (optional)
*Elmer’s Craft Bond Memory Glue Pen
*Any items from your nature hike you want to include in the book!

Once you’re done and the glue is dry (about 30 minutes), you can bind your book together however you want. I used a hole punch along the left side and then tied the pages together with ribbon. You could use yarn or string too. Or just do one hole punch in the upper left corner or even staples down the side.

This project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Elmer’s #gluenglitter #collectivebias. All opinions are my own and all artwork is Ryan’s! 🙂


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