Ahhh, I feel like I haven’t posted in forever! And I haven’t! The middle of May was finals week at school so I was creating and grading exams and submitting scores, etc. That week was also our 3-year wedding anniversary and we went away that weekend, just for a night (without Ryan). Then we spent Memorial Day weekend at the lakehouse up north and then I left for Colorado to visit my brother. I went with Ryan and my mom (Steve couldn’t take off work) and we were gone for an entire week. I’ll post about that–and allllllllllll about the JOYS of traveling with a toddler 😉 later–but we stayed in the mountains with no wireless and no phone connection so I couldn’t even check email or twitter or FB or my blog (AH!) with my iPhone. Sounds crazy, right? It was. Haha.

Anyway… my getaway with Steve for our anniversary… we drove about an hour west and stayed the night at a place called “Hickory Hideaway.” It was realllllllllly nice and relaxing. There’s a winery nearby so we stopped there first for a wine tasting and appetizers. YUM! We ended up buying some cranberry wine and some of their buttery olive oil. So delicious!

FYI – I forgot my camera so all pictures were taken on my iPhone 🙁

Steve being a nerd for my picture

Our “romantic cottage” had 2 rooms–one with a bed, tv, table and counter/sink area and the other room had a futon and a jacuzzi. The cottage had a deck and nothing out the back except greenery. Beautiful.

What’s the first thing we did when we got there? Took a nap!!!!!!!! Hahaha. It was wonderful. We opened the screen doors and the windows directly on the other side of the room and the breeze and the view and being in the middle of nowhere… it was all just amazing. And we napped and we napped and we loved it.

We were going to go out for dinner, but it was so nice out we decided to drive into “town” and buy burgers to grill. The main cabin of Hickory Hideaway has tons of movies and games you can take back to your cabin so we loaded up for the night.

I also spent some peaceful time on the deck reading my book–the perfect environment for it:

The stars at night were beautiful. We slept in. We had a great time. I’d definitely go back–it was a cute little cottage. Oh and the grounds had a fire pit with chairs and a swing–where we sat after dinner to make s’mores! There wasn’t another person in sight, but I guess sometimes guests hang out there together. That’d be fun too! But I was glad to have it just for the two of us.

If anyone local is interested, this is it: Hickory Hideaway (and no, I was not paid to say this, we paid in full for our room, haha – this is NOT a review! Sad I feel like I have to say that lol).

And even though we had a great time and definitely relaxed, we kept talking about Ryan and pointing out things he would have loved about the place. We may have to bring him next time 🙂 But I do know that we should try to do things like this more often! It was so nice to get away.

View from the front of our cottage toward the shared fire pit and clubhouse

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