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We’ve been renting for just over a year. Well, at our current location. I guess you’d say we’ve been renting for YEARS. And we’re ready to settle down and find a house! Before it was an issue of not really knowing where we’d end up or what jobs we’d have. Now that Steve has found a job he loves, we’re ready to settle in this area.

We know what we’d LOVE and we’ve been searching, but it’s so hard! How long did you spend house hunting? We have our list of “ideals” and a list of things we’d accept or settle with because price is obviously a big factor. Ideally: 4 bedrooms, 2-story, porch, 2.5 car garage, nice backyard for Ryan. We’ve looked at a good number of houses–searching online and going to open houses–and there have been amazing ones in some aspects, but are lacking in other areas. I’m picky 😉

Steve is the finance guy–he sits down and figures out what we can comfortable afford and then tries to explain it to me. You think about mortgage and those evil taxes, but you forget about extras: closing costs, insurance, a home protection plan, upkeep and maintenance, new furniture! Ahhhhh! But thinking about having our OWN place and decorating it all cute sounds exciting 🙂 If you own, how long did it take you to find one?!

Also–in anticipation of a new home–I’m hosting a HUGE “Around The House” Event on my other blog with Mama B! Great sponsors and products and giveaways! It will start on June 15th so head over and get your early extra entries now: Around The House giveaways

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  • We’ve been house hunting for a few months now. Although, we’re not sure we want to be settled here forever, we do know that we’ll be here for a few more years. It is a very long process and sometimes you have to be willing to compromise on certain things. If not then I would look into getting a house built.

    You can control the price because you will get to pick out the materials, construction company, location and more.


  • We really only had a week or so to find a house when we first moved here. One of my biggest priorities was if the school district we were in was good.


  • I can’t wait for your Around The House Event! Especially since we are moving 😉 we looked for a couple of years before deciding to build where we did!


  • Stephanie E.

    We have gone through the house buying process twice now (two different states). Both times we just “knew” when we walked into the house. They just felt like home (although with our current house, we had a total communication melt down and bid on the wrong house! LOL. Luckily that one fell through and we got the house we both really loved!!) We did compromise on certain areas for both houses (but not on the school district – that was top priority), but we have never really missed what we don’t have. Good luck in your search! It’s soooo exciting!!!!


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