Ryan has something to tell you…

Are you ready for his BIG secret???

It’s a good one.

In my opinion 😉

Wait, WHAT?!


Yep, it’s true.

I think now that we’ve finally announced it, it’s much more real, but I’ve spent the last week in lala land. I found out last Thursday with the first test. The second 2 tests I took on Friday because I still didn’t believe it. I mean, that stupid plus sign was awfully faint!!! I thought, okay, if I squint… and hold it at the right angle… there’s a plus sign…. right? Or maybe not…. is there? When I was pregnant with Ryan, the second line was SO CLEAR. This time, I was like WHAT’S GOING ON?! So I took the second test Friday morning. Ya know, “first urine” and all, it’s supposed to help. Well it didn’t. I HATE YOU, BLUE LINES! So I went out to spend $18 on a freaking digital. It was pretty cool though to see the word “pregnant” on it. And definitely a nice keepsake picture 🙂

I kept the secret for a week. A WEEK! That’s like a year in “huge secret” land <--yea, that's a real place. Last time, I told Steve by running out of the bathroom crying. I wanted to make it....... better... this time lol.

So I found the super cute monster big brother shirt on etsy and had to wait for it to get here. I also ordered Steve a shirt that says “I make adorable babies” and a matching newborn onesie that says “adorable baby.” 🙂

I decided to tell him (and everyone) on Father’s Day. Perfect, right?! Well, like I said, I’ve been holding in this secret for like a freaking year… and we have a wedding on Saturday night and everyone would be wondering why I wasn’t having a drink…. and the shirt arrived in the mail today…. SO obviously I couldn’t keep the secret any longer.

Ryan told Steve:

“What is this? …………….. No really, what is this?”

“What…… How? I mean…. are we getting a kitten??”

Ryan says: “Yea, dad, it’s for real!”

Then we went over to Steve’s parents’ house to tell them. Steve’s dad was worried there was something wrong because we were just showing up on a weeknight, haha. He was holding Ryan (hadn’t noticed his shirt yet) and Steve’s mom walked up and saw the back of Ryan’s shirt and yelled with excitement and starting jumping and clapping 🙂 So Steve’s dad (somehow now knew?! I mean, he still hadn’t seen the shirt!) looked at me and said, “You’re pregnant?!”

Then we went to my parents’ house. My dad was already asleep, but my mom spotted the back of Ryan’s shirt and kind of started crying–then she chased after him to make sure she read the shirt right! She was really excited and happy too!

Sooooooooooo………… tomorrow (Friday) I’ll be 6 weeks and I’m due about February 10th. I think my date for the first day of my last period might be a little off (by a day or two) so that would push my due date to Feb 11-13. Due dates are stupid anyway, they aren’t true, so let’s just say I’m due mid-Feb. 🙂 Valentine’s Baby?! **EDIT: if I go by conception date (yes, I’m positive on it), my due date is 2/17 and I’m FIVE weeks right now!

I’m trying to anticipate questions. Yes I’m using a midwife, no I haven’t chosen her yet, yes I’m planning a homebirth VBAC. YES I’m very, very tired all the time. No I’m not nauseated (yet). Yes, I’m hungry all the time.


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